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Minutes from April 5, 2001, General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting April 4, 2001 San Francisco Marriott Room Pacific I The meeting was called to order at 8:05 by president H.L. Hall. Minutes and Summary of Board Action from the meeting of April 4, 2001 were presented by JEA secretary Terry Nelson. Reports and Updates Convention Update – Linda Puntney and Candace Bowen…
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Minutes from April 4, 2001, Board of Directors Meeting

Board meeting April 4, 2001 San Francisco Marriott Room Pacific I President H.L. Hall called the meeting to order at 7:34a.m. Past President Candace Perkins Bowen called the roll. Those present included: Board officers H.L. Hall, president; Ann Visser, vice president; Terry Nelson, secretary; Candace Bowen, past president/convention coordinator. JEA Headquarters Linda Puntney, JEA executive…
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C:JET Volume 33, 1999-2000

Fall 1999, Vol. 33, #1 Covering Crime “‘How Often We Forget That We and Our Staffs are News’” by Michele Dunaway and Gary Drummond Band: “Coverage of the High Notes” by Bradley Wilson Gallery: Scoreboards “The Art of the Interview” by Rhonda Moore “How to Punctuate What People Say“ “Making the Quotes Connect” By Tom…
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All The President’s Men

How two journalists brought down a president and lived to tell about it. CLICK HERE for a PDF version of this file. A guide for teaching the movie and the book in your classroom. CLICK HERE for information from The Washington Post. By Bradley Wilson Breaking into an office in the Watergate hotel and office…
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Rob Melton prepared this stylebook for use in his classes. It has an abundance of information on everything from the origin of “-30” to the appropriate style for numbers. Available only in PDF form as a 1.2MB PDF file. ©2008 by Rob Melton. Included with permission. Click here.

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