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Write-off contest results, fall 2007 (Philadelphia)

1,922 participants 662 award recipients (35%) 119 Superiors (18%) 212 Excellents (32%) 331 Honorable Mentions (50%) Contest Category Rating Name Newswriting Superior Rebecca McCray, Atlee High School (Mechanicsville, VA) Newswriting Superior Juliana Rehbein, Bear Creek High School (Stockton, CA) Newswriting Superior Tanner Ward, Bryant High School (Bryant, AR) Newswriting Superior Nava Kantor, Clayton High School…
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Hawthorne: Guru of modern journalistic writing

By Susan Tantillo RELEASED: NOVEMBER 2007 Journalism Education Association honored Bobby Hawthorne, writer and former director of academics for the University Interscholastic League at the University of Texas in Austin, with the Carl Towley Award during the organization’s national convention in November. Hawthorne’s contributions exceed his reputation as a writer. Calling him “the guru of…
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Write-off contest results, spring 2007 (Denver)

1,479 participants 577 award recipients (39%) 101 superiors (17%) 196 excellents (34%) 280 honorable mention (49%) Newswriting Superior Lauren Rabaino (Granite Hills High School, CA)   Superior Jenica Blenderman (Klein High School, TX)   Superior Jessica Fryman (Liberty High School, NV)   Superior Julia Duperrault (Los Altos High School, CA)   Superior Peter Vanden Bos…
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Amanda Allison named 2007 Student Journalist of the Year

RELEASED APRIL 2007 While hundreds of high school journalists from all across the country worked hours on completing their 36 page portfolios for their state contests, JEA recognized 31 state winners at the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the JEA/NSPA spring convention in Denver. When the final results were announced, six students were named…
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2007 board of directors elections

Only four of the elections were contested and all four included incumbents. Two of the incumbents were defeated while two remain on the board. Percentages indicate percent of votes cast in that election. Winners in the 2007 elections President • Jack Kennedy (Rock Canyon High School, Highlands Ranch, Colo.) (99.6%) Vice-President • Bob Bair (Blair…
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