Board position open after Verpooten resigns JEA director-at-large role

Board position open after Verpooten resigns JEA director-at-large role

The Journalism Education Association announces that Sarah Verpooten, MJE, has resigned from her three-year post as director-at-large, effective immediately. The resignation creates a vacancy to be filled by presidential appointment, which is open to applications from all teacher-adviser members.

Sarah Verpooten, MJE

Verpooten took a leave of absence from teaching and advising scholastic media and is working in real estate.

“Sarah was an invaluable partner as we partnered to design and begin implementing the board’s DEI-focused goals over the past year,” said Scholastic Press Rights Director Kristin Taylor, MJE. “I will miss her quick mind and wonderful sense of humor but wish her all the best.”

Verpooten said serving on the board of directors was the honor of her career. 

In accordance with Article V, Section 2 of the organization’s bylaws, JEA President Sarah Nichols, MJE, will appoint a new director to fill the remainder of the three-year term, which ends April 30, 2023.

Any teacher-adviser member in good standing is eligible to apply. Information about the position is available here.

“Treating this unexpected vacancy as an opportunity, I hope we can increase both social and professional diversity and elevate different voices from our membership. We want and need leaders from underrepresented groups,” Nichols said. “The board of directors is committed to welcoming a new member to our team, and we’re ready to provide as much support as possible to make a smooth transition.”

Candidates for the director-at-large position are invited to apply by Aug. 31, 2021.

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