Program leaders, committee chairs appointed to three-year term

Program leaders, committee chairs appointed to three-year term

As the board of directors began a new three-year term May 1, President Sarah Nichols, MJE, appointed teacher/adviser members to lead the Journalism Education Association’s programs and committees as outlined in the organization’s bylaws (Article VII).

Awards: Erinn Harris, MJE

Harris advises student media at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Va.

“Recognizing the work of others is one of my favorite parts of being a member of this community. Whether it’s through a letter of recommendation, a text, a social media post, or a standing ovation, I love celebrating the outstanding work of our members; the ability to do this on a larger, more public scale is incredibly exciting,” Harris said.

Certification: Amy Sorrell, MJE

Sorrell advises The Archer yearbook at Antwerp (Ohio) Local School.

“I am excited about getting more involved in the JEA community,” Sorrell said. “My first goal is to expand certification among JEA members. There are so many advisers who have what it takes. They just need the encouragement to take that step. I also really want to celebrate and publicize our MJE projects. Advisers have done some incredible work through their MJE projects that can benefit others.”

Journalist of the Year: Joe Humphrey, MJE

Humphrey advises the Red & Black newspaper, Hilsborean yearbook and news website at Hillsborough High School in Tampa, Fla.

“Students from all corners of the country do amazing work, and our Journalist of the Year program provides those young journalists with a richly deserved spotlight. I hope to build on the solid foundation created under the leadership of Rebecca Pollard while continuing to broaden the number of students participating in both our JOY and Aspiring Young Journalist competitions,” Humphrey said. “The goal is to get more states represented, and more students in those states competing at the local level. Also, as journalism continues to evolve, one priority will be to make sure that our expectations keep pace with those changes.”

Mentoring: Julia Satterthwaite, MJE

Satterthwaite teaches at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, Calif., advising El Estoque news magazine and website and El Valedor yearbook.

“As advising continues to evolve and become more nuanced, it’s essential to have mentors supporting new journalism teachers, especially when advisers are often the only person at their school doing this difficult job. When I was new to advising, I definitely relied on mentors, and I’m excited to be able to give back as a way of paying it forward,” Satterthwaite said. “I plan to focus on growth while also relying on the collective knowledge of the rockstar JEA Mentoring Committee.”

Contact information for the newly appointed leaders is available on the JEA website. They serve a three-year term ending April 30, 2023.

“It’s humbling to see the passion and vision from such an outstanding pool of candidates for these positions,” Nichols said. “The conversations with these journalism educators over the past week have been a powerful reminder of JEA’s strength as an organization. I’m thrilled to welcome these leaders to the team as we focus on our core values of pedagogy, advocacy, innovation, community and excellence.”

In addition, Nichols reappointed Kelly Furnas, MJE, to serve as Global Engagement director, Nina Quintana, CJE, to lead the Career and Technical Education Committee and Aaron Manfull, MJE, to continue as Digital Media chair.  They join Contest Chair Nancy Smith, MJE, and C:JET Editor Bradley Wilson, MJE, who serve unlimited terms and are appointed by the executive director.

A separate announcement regarding the Scholastic Journalism Week coordinator position will follow in mid-May.

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