Board releases statement on copyright of student work

Board releases statement on copyright of student work

The Journalism Education Association board passed a statement 7-0 concerning the use of student media by outside outlets without student permission.

The statement, which was passed June 10 via electronic vote, began after a member requested it.

“We teach students copyright is important. This statement shows JEA cares about the issue and the reproduction of companies reproducing student work without their permission,” said Lori Keekley, MJE, Scholastic Press Rights director.

The statement reads as follows:

The Journalism Education Association denounces the selling of student media work by outside agencies who profit from students‘ work.

Student media should not be treated differently from other media. Even if student work was produced as part of curriculum in an educational setting during the school day, it deserves the same protection as any other creative work. By establishing copyright, which serves to protect against other groups’ or agencies’ use of creative works, student journalists can work to seek legal recourse from those who reproduce their work.

When agencies profit from the work of student journalists, neither scholastic programs nor students receive compensation. Registering a yearbook’s copyright enables students to hold the companies reprinting books for profit legally liable.

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