Agenda for April 25, 2019 Board of Directors meeting

Agenda for April 25, 2019 Board of Directors meeting

Journalism Education Association Board Meeting
April 25, 2019 • 8 a.m.
El Capitan, Fourth Floor • Hilton Anaheim

I. Call to order — Sarah Nichols (8 a.m.)

II. Roll call and determination of quorum — Connie Fulkerson

III. Reading of notice of meeting — Connie Fulkerson

IV. Approval of minutes — Sarah Nichols

V. Affirmation of electronic votes — Sarah Nichols

A. Motion to endorse New York Assembly Bill 3079 (passed 7-0, March 6, 2019)
B. Motion to endorse Minnesota HF 1868 (passed 7-0, March 2, 2019)
C. Motion to endorse Nebraska LB 206 (passed 7-0, Feb. 6, 2019)
D. Motion to approve spring 2024 Kansas City convention contract (passed 7-0, Dec. 28, 2018)
E. Motion to approve spring 2021 Seattle convention contract(passed 7-0, Dec. 17, 2018)

VI. Approval of agenda — Sarah Nichols

VII. Commendations — Sarah Nichols

A. Adam Dawkins — Evelyn Lauer
B. Patrick Johnson — Julia Satterthwaite
C. Mark Webber — Aaron Manfull
D. Laurie Hansen — Sarah Nichols
E. Howard Spanogle — Sarah Nichols
F. Kyle Carter, Megan Fromm, Lori Keekley, Rebecca Pollard, Margie Raper, Chris Waugaman, Brian Wilson — Val Kibler

VIII. Reports (8:30 a.m.)

A. Write-offs — Nancy Smith, Kate Dubiel
B. Conventions — Kelly Glasscock
C. Headquarters — Kelly Glasscock

1. Documentation of subsequent events

D. Career and Technical Education — Nina Quintana
E. Awards — Karen Slusher
F. Curriculum — Megan Fromm
G. National Critique Training — Sarah Nichols

IX. New business (10 a.m.)

A. Approval of 2019-20 budget — Kelly Glasscock
B. JEA/KSU contract — Sarah Nichols
C. Nominations — Sarah Nichols
D. Magazine — Sarah Nichols
E. Press rights education — Lori Keekley
F. JEA Power Hour — Sarah Nichols

X. Adjournment (3 p.m.)

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