JEA supports nationwide efforts to combat anti-press rhetoric

JEA supports nationwide efforts to combat anti-press rhetoric

As hundreds of newsrooms publish editorials today in a coordinated effort to fight the anti-press rhetoric of President Trump, their message is simple: The press is not the enemy of the people. Journalism teachers and their students are following along in classrooms across the country, some during their first days of a new school year.

The Journalism Education Association stands in solidarity with these newspapers. Journalists are not the enemy. They are citizens serving as the eyes and ears of the public, seeking truth to inform, educate and empower others. JEA applauds these media outlets attempting to explain the importance of the work journalists do every day.

JEA will continue to demonstrate, to communities in and out of school, through its actions, policies, programs and budgeting, its commitment to an informed, vibrant nation where free expression is expected and practiced as part of our diverse American heritage. As the largest scholastic journalism organization for teachers and advisers, JEA actively defends the First Amendment.

The open exchange of ideas benefits everyone involved and is a cornerstone of democracy. Student-produced journalism benefits local communities through reporting and storytelling based on truth, accuracy, fairness and ethical decision-making. The learning process for student journalists also includes the opportunity for criticism from — and open debate with — the audiences they serve.

For more information, visit JEA’s statement on student free expression.


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