JEA launches Link to support new members

JEA launches Link to support new members

The Journalism Education Association has developed an initiative to support new members in their first year with the organization. The program, called Link, pairs new members with a volunteer veteran for a one-year period in order to provide personal contact from a JEA member familiar with JEA’s programs, resources and benefits.

Link is free and is based on an opt-in process coordinated by Director-at-Large Michael Malcom-Bjorklund, CJE.

“When I was a first-year JEA member, I wasn’t quite sure how to get the most out of my membership. Looking back at my situation, what I needed was something like Link. This program benefits members by providing them personalized one-on-one assistance,” Malcom-Bjorklund said.

Link relationships empower members to ask questions about upcoming deadlines and learn how to take advantage of programs such as the National High School Journalism Convention, Write-offs and Journalist of the Year, through a personal contact.

“I compare Link to a tour guide — someone who can answer questions and provide the guidance needed on a journey,” Malcom-Bjorklund said. “I believe the connections made will help advisers get the most out of their membership.”

New members can sign up to receive a Link during the online membership registration process or may complete an online form separately. Participants are paired with volunteers from across the organization’s membership. Type and frequency of contact will vary based on individual needs in order to be as flexible and personal as possible.

“Link is a great opportunity for us to connect and provide support for new members,” Joe Humphrey, MJE, said. “I know I’m excited to make new connections that will improve journalism education, and I hope many of my fellow advisers will agree to link with our newcomers.”

More information is available here, and Malcom-Bjorklund can be reached at


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