Laura Negri appointed as director-at-large

Laura Negri appointed as director-at-large

Laura Negri, CJE, will serve the Journalism Education Association board of directors as director-at-large effective immediately. She teaches journalism and advises The Safari yearbook, The Kerronicle newspaper and news website at Alief Kerr High School in Houston, where she also serves as department chair for Career and Technical Education.

President Sarah Nichols, MJE, made the appointment this week after the board reviewed applications from seven candidates and conducted finalist interviews by phone.

“So much about Laura’s skills and qualifications impressed us, but in particular I am glad our members will benefit from her experience working at a Title I school with a small, diverse population. Addressing needs in low-income areas and in schools challenged by inadequate resources is a focus for our team. Laura has a history of outreach and advocacy toward minority voices in Texas and can help us improve on a national scale,” Nichols said.

Negri also is active with the Texas Association of Journalism Educators​ and brings experience as a TAJE regional representative and convention planning team member over the past 22 years. Her goals as a new JEA board member include expanding opportunities for student journalists and promoting New Voices legislation to ensure that young people’s stories are told and ideas are heard.

“I have never doubted the value of high school journalism, both to the students who practice it and the communities they serve; but now more than ever it is vital to equip young adults with the skills necessary not just for college and careers but also advocacy and citizenship,” she said.

Negri assumes the remainder of the director-at-large position vacated by Tom Gayda, MJE, who resigned last month. The three-year board term runs through April 30, 2020.

Director-at-large Julia Satterthwaite, CJE, said, “I’m excited to work with Laura, who brings many years of experience from a variety of media platforms as well as a passion for reaching underserved populations. She’s going to be a huge asset to our team in terms of outreach and furthering the important work of JEA initiatives underway.”


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