Minutes from April 6, 2017, board of directors meeting

Minutes from April 6, 2017, board of directors meeting

These minutes, with corrections, were approved by the board Nov. 16, 2017, in Dallas.


A meeting of the Journalism Education Association board of directors was held Thursday, April 6, 2017, in the Aspen room at the Sheraton Seattle. It began at 8:30 a.m. and was presided over by Mark Newton with Connie Fulkerson as secretary.


Voting members: Mark Newton, president; Sarah Nichols, vice president; Candace Perkins Bowen, past president/nominations chair; Carrie Faust, director at large; Stan Zoller, director at large; Megan Fromm, Educational Initiatives director; John Bowen, Scholastic Press Rights director.

Nonvoting members: Linda Puntney, interim executive director; Connie Fulkerson, administrative assistant; Nancy Y. Smith, contest chair; Jonathan Rogers, professional outreach chair; Evelyn Lauer, publications/public relations chair; Laura Widmer, NSPA executive director/liaison; Kim Green, certification; Linda Barrington, mentoring program; Erika Quick, Write-off committee; April van Buren, National Journalism Quiz Bowl chair.

Guests in attendance: Jean Folkerts, director of the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Kansas State University; Kelly Glasscock, executive director as of Aug. 1; Sandra Coyer, Seattle convention chair; Valerie Kibler, Joe Humphrey, Tom Gayda, Julia Satterthwaite and Lori Keekley, newly elected board members who will take office May 1.

The following was posted in JEA.org on March 14: The Journalism Education Association board of directors will meet at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, April 6, 2017, in the Aspen room of the Sheraton in Seattle.

A motion to accept the minutes of the fall 2016 board meeting in Indianapolis was made by Sarah Nichols and seconded by Candace Bowen. (passed 7-0)

Mark Newton affirmed these electronic votes:

Motion: To endorse Indiana New Voices legislation (passed 7-0, February 14, 2017).
Motion: To endorse Vermont New Voices legislation (passed 7-0, February 14, 2017)

Kim Green updated the progress of the bill. It passed in the House and there was hope it would pass in the Senate. She praised Diana Hadley of the Indiana High School Press Association as being a good advocate for the bill.

Moved by Megan Fromm and seconded by Candace Bowen to approve the agenda with the addition of a report by Nancy Smith, contest chair, and a commendation for Frank LoMonte. The motion carried with 7 in favor and 0 against.

The following individuals or groups were commended by board members or committee chairs:

Scholastic Press Rights Committee members by John Bowen; Fern Valentine by John Bowen; Frank LoMonte by Mark Newton; Adam Dawkins by Evelyn Lauer; JEA Headquarters staff by Sarah Nichols; Bradley Wilson by Sarah Nichols; Megan Fromm and Sarah Nichols by Mark Newton; Candace Bowen, John Bowen, Carrie Faust and Stan Zoller by Mark Newton.

Contest Committee
— Nancy Smith
The committee is reviewing the broadcast contests to see if there are any to revise or remove. There have been some broadcast uploading issues so they’re looking to make improvements to the Write-off system in that regard. The qualifying test before the convention has affected the number of teams participating in the National Journalism Quiz Bowl. Committee may rethink that element.

2017 Election — Candace Bowen
The 2017 election was less expensive than it’s been in the past. The number of members voting still weren’t as high as she hoped despite numerous efforts to encourage voting. Bowen will compile a procedure document so the new board will have it. The election results are now certified.

Executive Director Search — Mark Newton/Linda Puntney
The total amount spent of the $13,000 budgeted for the search was $7,824.84. Kansas State University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications paid $1,534.97 (20 percent) and JEA paid $6,289.87 (80 percent).

Jean Folkerts, interim director at the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications, was introduced. She offered her support to JEA while it is headquartered at Kansas State University.

Headquarters — Linda Puntney
The Collegian Media Group has been contracted for tech support. With the selection of Kelly Glasscock as JEA’s new executive director, the transition process has begun. He officially begins work Aug. 1, but he is shadowing the interim executive director at the Seattle convention.

Conventions — Linda Puntney
Seattle: As of Thursday morning, registration was just under 3,900 without walk-ins. The local committee is trying out the Buddy Bench idea to encourage people to get assistance from local team members if they feel overwhelmed at the convention. First-time advisers were sent an email welcoming them to the convention and suggesting sessions that could help new advisers. Bill Elsen is at the convention as editor-in-residence to answer students’ questions about careers, internships and other issues. He has done one-on-one consultations at college conventions, and he was interested in trying it at the high school convention.

The following conventions are being considered for future conventions: Boston, Orlando, Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver and Nashville.

The JEA and NSPA directors recommended the World Center Marriott in Orlando for the site of the fall 2020 convention. The board directed them to make a site visit and finalize the details for these dates: Nov. 19-22, 2020.

Fall 2021: The Sheraton Boston and Hynes Convention Center is being considered.

Spring 2020: Kansas City is a possibility but Sarah Nichols said California schools might not travel well to that site in the spring. Nancy Smith said Midwest schools might not find that a good spring location either.

Spring 2021: Denver or Seattle is being considered. San Diego (we were there in 2014) was suggested. Mark Newton said the Gaylord Denver is opening in late 2018. Nashville also was suggested. NSPA turns 100 in 2021.

Spring 2018 (San Francisco): The board was reminded there will be no Sunday programming at the spring conventions beginning with this convention unless advisers want to meet for PLCs and roundtables Sunday. Saturday will have a combined JEA and NSPA awards ceremony. Longer workshop-style sessions that are skill-based will be offered Friday along with the 50-minute sessions. They will be more in-depth and hands-on.

NCAA and Scholastic Journalism — Candace Bowen
Candace Bowen suggested developing a white paper on how to write course descriptions so NCAA will accept them. As in years past, she said it makes a difference on how the course is presented. History, evolution of writing, journalism writing genres, law and ethics, or how students can apply journalistic writing methods in own writing should be included. Most production-only courses don’t pass. The writing element must be included. How one titles the course often makes a difference.

Jonathan Rogers also suggested that certain coding by guidance counselor may also be a factor for course acceptance.

Four Cs for Careers Act — Mark Newton
After the election, Newton sent letters on behalf of JEA to all members of the Congressional 21st Century Skills Caucus advocating for adding journalism and student media to the list of courses delivering those skills. Newton also asked state directors (and members) in the states with members of the caucus to send letters as well. Newton said the new board might want to designate someone to oversee continued efforts to advocate for journalism/student media in the 21st century skills discussion.

Research Grant — Megan Fromm
There were seven applicants for research grants. JEA allocated money across three projects. Some may not come out this fiscal year so that must be kept in mind for the next budget. Research grant; NSPA may match. Most of the applicants’ projects were First Amendment related.

Curriculum — Sarah Nichols
Nichols reported there have been 27 new lessons added to the curriculum initiative since July. JEA requires six lessons per semester from the curriculum leaders for them to receive the $500 stipend.

Changes are being made in the curriculum initiative planning structure. There will be two curriculum coordinator positions, which will be filled by Shari Adwers and Abrianna Nelson. Megan Fromm will oversee the program. Leaders will be limited to three consecutive one-year appointments in the same module. Terms will begin May 1 instead of Jan. 1. It has been found the leaders are more productive in a group setting so they will come prepared to Advisers Institute with six lessons to present.

Application deadline for curriculum leaders is April 15.

News literacy is an important topic to JEA. Sarah Nichols said JEA should give members more news literacy resources than curriculum initiative. They should not be locked behind the member-only site. Megan Fromm said JEA should be a leader in policy setting to give members clearer understanding of news literacy. Decisions should be made about where we articulate, how, and how often? Should it be on the website or in a blog. Jonathan Rogers said NCTE is offering blogging space on media literacy and technology.

JEA/NSPA Adviser Outreach 2017 — Sarah Nichols
The name has changed from Adviser Outreach to JEA/NSPA Partner Project so it wouldn’t be confused with the JEA Outreach Academy at conventions. Val Kibler will oversee this project. Teacher trainers will be Anthony Whitten and Michelle Balmeo. This year’s school is a K-12 rural school in Oregon. Amy Korst is adviser. The first outreach team continues to communicate with the Mississippi school they worked with last summer, and see progress. The school won an award at SIPA for the first time. Nine students will be returning to the staff.

Business Professionals of America — Sarah Nichols
JEA continues to work with BPA, helping to judge the promotional photo contest. There were 126 entries (an increase) and there were 10 JEA volunteers for judges. JEA members will judge broadcast contests. Representatives will go to Orlando for the finals and Sarah Nichols, Jill Burns and Joe Humphrey will be there to present sessions on photography, design and JEA. Sarah Nichols is interested in having someone in charge of CTE issues. BPA will be in Dallas.

Partner Reports — Mark Newton
Evelyn Lauer was offered a free registration to a virtual Nonfiction Writers Conference and can invite others to attend at a discount. She hopes to generate a C:JET article or session from what she learns from it.

Mark Newton communicate with Dave Gordon of the International Society of Weekly News Editors (and possibly AEJMC) on a possible partner project dealing with news deserts and the expertise to localize national issues and explain for readers how these issues will impact them. Mark Newton okayed using his title as past president on the grant application, and would direct further efforts to the new board should they arise.

Mark Newton reported that the American Press Institute wants to work with JEA (and other journalism organizations) on news literacy efforts. API is considering hosting a summit and plans to invite JEA. Additionally, API was interested in introducing JEA to the Democracy Fund for a possible grant application. Mark Newton said he would direct further developments to the new board.

Campaign for Civic Mission of Schools. Mark Newton would like the board to discuss this and become a member. This is a 50-state initiative on how to enhance civic engagement. (See motion below.)

New York Times offered JEA a bulk subscription (2,500 digital subscriptions at $5.98 per person per year). This would have budget implications, and the board didn’t know if JEA could come up with the 2,500 subscriptions. Membership fee would have to be raised to include this as part of membership or it could be something people could check off on the membership application. The board decided it might not be worth the financial risk now since Newton did not have a confirmed offer. Newton said he would direct further developments to the new board.

NSPA – Laura Widmer
Gary Lundgren has joined the NSPA staff as associate director/contest and critiques coordinator. Advisory committee on critiques will meet to discuss online and yearbook critiques. They hope for more transparency in the judging. Deadlines for Pacemaker will be earlier to make travel arrangements easier. NSPA is moving offices across hall. New board president Alicia Cohen starts June 3. New NSPA board members are Michelle Coro, Meghan Percival and Gayle Gordon. New exhibitor Issuu is wanting to start new relationship with JEA/NSPA. JEA reminded NSPA not to release adviser emails to vendors.

NCTE — Jonathan Rogers
Jonathan Rogers reported that the resolution for supporting and protecting student journalists passed. NCTE.org did a complete rebranding and is focusing on media literacy. He and several other JEA members will be doing a session at the St. Louis convention.


Motion: Moved by John Bowen as Scholastic Press Committee chair to adopt the Student Free Expression statement with the friendly amendment to the second paragraph, adding “of news and media literacy” before civic engagement. The motion carried 7-0.

Mark Newton encouraged John Bowen to solicit partners and other organizations to sign on to this.

Motion: Moved by Mark Newton and seconded by John Bowen for JEA join the “Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools” as a member organization of the campaign steering committee. The motion carried 7-0.

Motion: Moved by Sarah Nichols and seconded by Megan Fromm to fund a new-board retreat. The motion carried 7-0.

Motion: Moved by Mark Newton and the budget committee to approve the 2017-18 budget with the following changes: Reduce bookstore income to $60,000 (Line 5); change resale inventory to $42,000 (Line 63); reduce Shipping to $9,000 (Line 64); change Adviser Outreach Program to Partner Project (Line 49). The motion carried 7-0.

Membership rates will increase July 1, 2017, in the following categories:

Teacher/Adviser: increase $5 to $65

Associates: increase $5 to $80

Lifetime Teacher/Adviser: increase $50 to $650

There will be no change for library/institutional, affiliate, emeritus or college student memberships.

The incoming board members will meet after this meeting ends.

Current board and committee chairs and new board members were asked to attend the Thursday reception and Friday general membership meeting.

A follow-up meeting will be at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 8, in Medina, 3rd floor,

John Bowen moved and Candace Bowen seconded that the meeting be adjourned, and Mark Newton adjourned the meeting at 1:59 p.m.

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