JEA announces 2017 election results

JEA announces 2017 election results


Sarah Nichols, MJE, of Whitney High School, Rocklin, California, has been elected as the 35th president of the national Journalism Education Association and will lead the JEA board for three years starting May 1.

Nichols received 99.17 percent of the 848 votes cast for a near unanimous endorsement of the voting members of the organization. Of the 2,433 total ballots successfully emailed, 848 were returned for a percentage of 34.8 percent of the voting members deciding the election.

Nichols teaches journalism and advises Whitney High Student Media, a comprehensive media program. She has been JEA’s vice president since 2011 and is a member of its Scholastic Press Rights and Digital Media committees. In addition, Nichols coordinates the JEA Curriculum Initiative and the organization’s social media. She developed the JEA/NSPA Adviser Outreach Program (2015) and served on a team of teacher-trainers for the program’s pilot in 2016. Previously she served on the Certification Committee (2008-2011) and as California’s state director (2009-2011).

Other positions elected include the following:

Vice President


Val Kibler, CJE, Harrisonburg (Virginia) High School — 838 out of 845 for 99.17 percent.





Scholastic Press Rights Committee

lori-keekley-150x200pxLori Keekley, MJE, St. Louis Park (Minnesota) High School — 837 out of 840 for 99.64 percent.





Educational Initiatives

megan-fromm-150x200pxMegan Fromm, CJE, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, Colorado — 410 of 762 for 53.81 percent.





Directors at Large (East)

joe-humphrey-150x200pxJoe Humphrey, MJE, Hillsborough High School, Tampa, Florida — 497 of 775 for 64.13 percent.





Directors at Large (Central)

tom-gayda-150x200pxTom Gayda, MJE, North Central High School, Indianapolis — 413 of 772 for 53.50 percent.





Directors at Large (West)



There will be a runoff between the top two vote getters, Tom Kaup, MJE, Auburn (Washington) High School, andJulia Satterthwaite, CJE, Monta Vista High School, Cupertino, California, as neither received 50 percent or more of the votes. Voting members will be emailed a ballot March 2, and they are due back March 6.











Complete Voting Results

Position Votes Total %
Sarah Nichols, MJE 841 848 99.17%
Vice President
Val Kibler, CJE 838 845 99.17%
Scholastic Press Rights Committee
Lori Keekley, MJE 837 840 99.64%
Educational Initiatives
Erin Coggins, MJE 184 762 24.15%
Kate Klonowski, MJE 147 762 19.29%
Megan Fromm, CJE 410 762 53.81%
Directors at Large (East)
Karen Collier, CJE 277 775 35.74%
Joe Humphrey, MJE 497 775 64.13%
Directors at Large (Central)
Patrick Johnson, MJE 207 772 26.81%
Tim Morley, CJE 150 772 19.43%
Tom Gayda, MJE 413 772 53.50%
Directors at Large (West)
Julia Satterthwaite, CJE 291 757 38.44%
Karen Slusher, CJE 114 757 15.06%
Matt Rasgorshek 127 757 16.78%
Tom Kaup, MJE 223 757 29.46%
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