Scholastic Journalism Research Grant

Scholastic Journalism Research Grant

The Journalism Education Association and National Scholastic Press Association are offering a grant to support quality research on student media and journalism education. Our small research grant is designed to help support independent research into scholastic journalism, student press law, the effects of participating in student media and more. A committee comprising members from JEA’s board of directors and representation from our partner organization, NSPA, will select the grant winner.

We are looking for meaningful but feasible research projects, ones either already underway or those that can be executed and completed within a year (even if a culminating paper or report takes longer). Upon completion of the project, the grant guidelines require submission of a teaching-centric article to JEA’s magazine, C:JET. Additionally, the researcher should provide proof they have submitted an article for consideration to an additional appropriate academic/scholarly/education venue.

Funds and eligibility: This grant is open to researchers affiliated with an institution of higher education and journalists or educators with research experience. Faculty, masters and PhD candidates may apply. Up to $7,500 may be awarded to a single project. The grant committee may split the grant and award funds to multiple projects. NSPA and JEA board members and staff are not eligible to apply.

Deadline: Jan 15, 2016

Applying for a Grant

Applicants should email the following information to Megan Fromm, JEA Educational Initiatives Director, at

  1. Contact Information and Resume/CV
  2. Description of the project you are seeking funding for, including justification for research, central research question, and design of the study. What is the end goal for pursuing this research? What mediums will be appropriate for disseminating the results of this research?
  3. If applicable, a list of any other team members or applicants
  4. Estimated, detailed budget and time frame
  5. List of other support, both financial and/or in-kind
  6. Explanation of any required institutional review approval and the process/timeline for obtaining that approval
  7. List of venues you intend to solicit for possible publication
  8. Brief description of future projects that could stem from this work


The grant recipient(s) will be notified within 4 weeks of the application deadline. Funds will be distributed twice, at the beginning of the project and at completion of the project report, which will include a draft of results suitable for publishing in our magazine, C:JET. To accept the funds, the recipient will sign a grant agreement letter detailing the project, budget and timeline. Grantees are expected to complete interim reports on the status of the research as decided on with JEA/NSPA and a final report upon culmination of the project, in addition to publishable research results.

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