Minutes from Nov. 11, 2016 general membership meeting

Minutes from Nov. 11, 2016 general membership meeting

Unofficial Minutes (to be approved in Seattle)

The Journalism Education Association general membership meeting was held 8 a.m. Friday, Nov. 11, 2016, in White River H, First Floor, JW Marriott, Indianapolis.

I.    Call to order — Mark Newton (8:03 a.m.)

II.    Roll call — Connie Fulkerson

(board members) Mark Newton, MJE, president; Sarah Nichols, MJE, vice president; Candace Perkins Bowen, MJE, past president; Carrie Faust, MJE, director at large; Stan Zoller, MJE, director at large; John Bowen, MJE, scholastic press rights director; Megan Fromm, CJE, educational initiatives director

(staff) Linda Puntney, MJE, interim executive director; Connie Fulkerson, CJE, administrative assistant

(committee chairs, liaisons) Aaron Manfull, MJE, Digital Media; Evelyn Lauer, CJE, Publications/Public Relations; Kim Green, MJE, Certification; Jon Rogers, MJE, Professional Outreach; Linda Barrington, MJE, Mentoring Program; Carrie Wadycki, MJE, Day of Doing; Tom Gayda, MJE, Indianapolis 2016 local team chair; Mark Murray, Dallas 2017, local team chair; Sandra Coyer, Seattle 2017 local team chair (also a state director)

(state directors) Leslie Dennis; Brenda Field, MJE; Susan Gregory, MJE; Michelle Harmon; Nancy Hastings, MJE; Marva Hutchinson; Marsha Kalkowski, MJE; Val Kibler, CJE; RJ Morgan, CJE; Heather Nagel, CJE; Nancy Olson, CJE; Rachel Rauch, CJE; Jon Reese, CJE; Leslie Shipp, MJE; C.E. Sikkenga; Sue Skalicky, MJE

(members) Sara Brookshire; Linda Drake, MJE; Annie Green, CJE; Peggy Gregory, CJE; Karl Grubaugh, CJE; Anne Hayman, MJE; Carol Hemmerly, CJE; Joe Humphrey, MJE; Lori Keekley, MJE; Kate Klonowski, MJE; Sarah-Anne Lanman; Sharon Martin, CJE; Kristy Nyp, CJE; Jayme Quick, CJE; Julia Satterthwaite, CJE; Rod Satterthwaite, MJE; Kathy Schrier, MJE; Karen Slusher, CJE; Aaron Smith; Sarah Tricano, CJE; Fern Valentine, MJE; Ann Visser, MJE

(nonmembers) Debra Kidd, Teresa Scribner

III.    Approval of minutes — Mark Newton

Motion to approve the minutes from the Los Angeles general meeting as corrected.

Correction: Change title of Kathy Schrier from Seattle local committee chair to local committee member. Schrier gave the report for Sandra Coyer, Seattle committee chair, who was not in attendance at the Los Angeles convention.

Moved: Megan Fromm; Seconded: Carrie Faust. (Passed unanimously.)

IV.    Reports

A. Summary of board action — Mark Newton

Motions: All motions were passed unanimously 7-0.

• Affirmation of electronic vote. — Motion to accept the proposal from the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C., to host the Fall 2024 National High School Journalism Convention.

• Approved the contract to host JEA Advisers Institute 2018 at the Linq Resort and Casino in Las Vegas July 9-12, 2018.

• Approved the IRS Form 990 with the accountant’s clarification on several line items.

• Moved to allocate $13,000 from its reserve (investment) funds to its 2016-17 budget to cover all expenses related to a national search for an executive director.

• Increased by $500 the merit bonuses for the headquarters staff for fiscal year 2017 and reduced “student labor” to $500 (from $1,000) to cover the deductions for Social Security, Medicare and tax.

• Approved a one-year extension on the contract with Kansas State University, home of JEA Headquarters. The contract, with the extension, will expire June 30, 2019.

Other action


• Kris Doran (by Nancy Smith) – for Write-off committee work in the broadcast area.

• Nancy Smith, Kate Dubiel and the Write-off Committee (by Linda Puntney) – for their work on updating the Write-off system.

• Brenda Field (by Stan Zoller) – for her work as JEA state director and her successful efforts to get HB5902 passed in Illinois, ensuring greater press freedoms for students and advisers.

• Kelly Furnas (by Mark Newton) – for his six years’ work as JEA executive director.

• Headquarters staff (by Mark Newton and Linda Puntney) – for work during the transition time between directors.

• Board members (by Linda Puntney) – for their dedication and encouragement during the transition to an interim executive director.

Reports/Items of Interest

The position announcement for a permanent executive director has been posted in about 30 places. The application deadline is Nov. 28. The board hopes to have the candidates narrowed to three by the end of the year and the announcement of the new director by the spring convention.

Nancy Smith said Kris Doran is stepping down as broadcast contest coordinator and Erika Quick will be shadowing him at this convention in preparation of taking on the job beginning with the Seattle convention. Joel Garver also has joined the Write-off committee. April van Buren suggested having a second round of qualifying tests for the Quiz Bowl starting in the spring to get additional schools entered.

JEA and NSPA executive directors Linda Puntney and Laura Widmer suggested pairing well-attended spring and fall convention sites so attendance through the fiscal year would be similar from year to year. This would help in planning budgets.

Jonathan Rogers provided handouts for two resolutions developed by JEA that will be discussed at the NCTE convention in Atlanta this month. They were “Resolution on Increasing Importance of Journalism Courses in English Curricula” and “Resolution on the need to promote legislation to protect the rights of student journalists.”

Sarah Nichols and Valerie Kibler gave a report on their experience at the summer JEA/NSPA Adviser Outreach Program at Lafayette High School in Mississippi and at a Saturday workshop there. Lori Keekley also was on the teaching team. They hope to train another teaching team to continue this outreach program.

Jason Zhu from JEA China introduced himself and gave a brief overview of how that organization is hoping to expand convention and contest opportunities for journalism students in China. Seven students are here from China to attend sessions and compete in the Write-offs.

Student Richard Giang from Ohio spoke to the board about his interest in JEA creating a National Student Representative Board. He was asked to bring a more formal proposal after spending time at this convention.

Newton discussed further developing the partnership with Business Professionals of America.

StoryCorps — The Great Thanksgiving Listen is at the convention to encourage students to get involved recording elders’ oral history during the holidays.

The Society of Professional Journalists, along with 14 other journalism organizations, has signed a letter to President-elect Donald Trump calling for a protective press pool for transparency. While JEA did not sign this letter, Newton wanted to make members aware of the organizations’ efforts. http://www.spj.org/news.asp?REF=1478

New awards: The research grant application will be posted soon on the JEA website.

Future Administrator Scholarship application is now available on the JEA website. Deadline is Dec. 15.

B. Conventions — Linda Puntney

As of Friday morning, there were about 3,785 registered for the Indianapolis convention.

The 2017 conventions will be in Seattle, April 6-9 and Dallas, Nov. 16-19. The Advisers Institute will be July 10-13, 2017, at the Linq Resort in Las Vegas.

C. Financial reports — Linda Puntney

While this fiscal year’s net revenue as of Oct. 17, was -$54,993, Puntney said a convention-income check had been received from NSPA a few days before the convention so this number has improved. Total assets are $1,627,179.91.

Puntney reported membership is up 103 percent from last fall, for a record 2,790 total members as of Oct. 7, the highest it’s been in JEA history. There also are members in all states. Several states have shown decreases though.

D. Items of concern, attention, update — officers, directors, chairs

Linda Barrington invited state associations and new advisers to get involved in the Mentoring Program.

V. New business

A. Approval of candidates for 2017 election — Candace Bowen

President: Sarah Nichols, MJE

Vice President: Val Kibler, CJE

Scholastic Press Rights Committee: Lori Keekley, MJE

Educational Initiatives: Erin Coggins, MJE; Megan Fromm, CJE; Kate Klonowski, MJE

Directors at Large

East: Jane Blystone, MJE; Karen Collier, CJE; Joe Humphrey, MJE

Central: Tom Gayda, MJE; Patrick Johnson, MJE; Tim Morley, CJE

West: Tom Kaup, MJE; Matt Rasgorshek; Julia Satterthwaite, CJE; Karen Slusher, CJE

Motion to approve the slate as presented. (Passed unanimously.)

Candace Bowen moved; Carrie Faust seconded.

Bowen reminded candidates to get their color headshot, responses to questions and candidate statement to her by Dec. 15. They will be posted prior to the election period. Ballots will be sent to all voting members Feb. 6, and ballots are due back Feb. 15, 2017. Results will be posted Feb. 16. If necessary, a runoff election will be March 2 with ballots due back March 6. Runoff election results will be posted March 7. The new board will take office May 1, 2017.

B. Matters introduced by members

Richard Curtis, a JEA member and broadcast adviser from Pennsylvania, tried out and was selected to be co-host on “Live with Kelly,” a national talk show.

Motion to commend the local Indianapolis team for its work on the convention (passed unanimously). Tom Gayda, local committee chair, was commended for his informing members about the convention through JEA Listserv messages.

Moved: Megan Fromm; Seconded: Stan Zoller.

Sandra Coyer, local team chair for Seattle, invited members to the spring 2017 convention April 6-9, 2017. The theme is “SEA the Possibilities.”

Dallas convention local team chair Mark Murray and committee members Rebecca Pollard and Margie Raper invited members to the fall 2017 convention Nov. 16-19. They presented Linda Puntney and Sarah Nichols with Texas-size “homecoming” mums, which covered them nearly head to toe. The theme is “Go Big.”

VI.    Adjournment

Motion to adjourn. (passed unanimously)

Moved: Megan Fromm; Seconded: Linda Barrington. Meeting was adjourned at 8:51 a.m.

The next meeting of the general membership will be 8 a.m. Friday, April 7, 2017, at the Sheraton Seattle/Washington State Convention Center.

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