Minutes from Nov. 10, 2016, board of directors meeting

Minutes from Nov. 10, 2016, board of directors meeting

Unofficial Minutes (to be approved in Seattle, April 6, 2017)

The Journalism Education Association board meeting was held 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016, in Room 304/306 at the JW Marriott, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Call to order — Mark Newton (8:35 a.m.)

1. Roll call and determination of quorum — Connie Fulkerson

(voting members) Mark Newton, MJE, president; Sarah Nichols, MJE, vice president; Candace Perkins Bowen, MJE, past president/nominations chair; Carrie Faust, MJE, director at large; Stan Zoller, MJE, director at large; Megan Fromm, CJE, Educational Initiatives director; John Bowen, MJE, Scholastic Press Rights director.

(nonvoting members) Linda Puntney, MJE, interim executive director; Connie Fulkerson, CJE, administrative assistant/secretary; Bradley Wilson, MJE, C:JET editor; Nancy Y. Smith, MJE, Contest committee chair; Jonathan Rogers, MJE, professional outreach chair; Evelyn Lauer, CJE, publications/public relations chair; Kim Green, MJE, certification chair; Linda Barrington, MJE, mentoring program; Erika Quick, Kris Doran, Priscilla Frost and Joel Garver, CJE, Write-off committee; April van Buren, MJE, Journalism Quiz Bowl

(others) Laura Widmer, NSPA executive director; Jeanne Acton, Ron Johnson and Val Kibler, CJE, NSPA board members; Jason Zhu, JEA China; Richard Giang, Lakota East High School, Ohio.

2. Reading of notice of meeting — Connie Fulkerson

The following was posted on jea.org on Oct. 24: “The Journalism Education Association board of directors meeting will be at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, in Room 304/306 of the JW Marriott hotel in Indianapolis.

3. Approval of minutes — Mark Newton

Moved to accept the minutes as printed: Stan Zoller; Seconded: Carrie Faust (passed 7-0)

4. Affirmation of electronic votes — Mark Newton

Motion to accept the proposal from the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C., to host the 2024 Fall National High School Journalism Convention. (passed 7-0, June 22, 2016)

5. Approval of agenda — Mark Newton

Agenda was approved with additions of Society of Professional Journalists resolution, Pulitzer 100 documentary and Business Professionals of America in the Reports/Items of Interest section.
Moved: Sarah Nichols; Seconded: Megan Fromm. (passed 7-0)

6. Commendations — Mark Newton

a. Kris Doran by Nancy Smith — for his leadership as broadcast contest coordinator and for his work on revamping the judging system and eliminating many of the technological issues.

b. Nancy Smith, Kate Dubiel, Write-off Committee by Linda Puntney — for their work during the summer to create a plan for the continual development of the Write-off system.

c. Brenda Field by Stan Zoller — for her work as state director and for her legislative effort in Illinois that led to the successful passage of HB5902 and its signing by the governor. Scholastic advisers and journalists now have greater press freedoms.

d. Kelly Furnas by Mark Newton for his vision and work ethic as JEA executive director for six years.

e. Headquarters staff by Mark Newton and Linda Puntney — for keeping the organization moving forward during the transition to an interim executive director and helping update the interim director.

f. Board by Linda Puntney — for board members’ efforts in keeping up morale at headquarters staff, continuing the organization’s services to its members and demonstrating high quality and commitment to JEA.

7. Reports and Items of Interest

a. Headquarters — Linda Puntney

While membership overall was up 103 percent since last fall, several states had lost members.
KSU national search for permanent executive director — Mark Newton/Linda Puntney
The job was posted in about 30 places. Deadline for applications is Nov. 28. Select three by end of year. Hope to have an announcement by spring board meeting.

b. Contest Committee — Nancy Smith

• New committee members Erika Quick of Cody (Wyoming) High School and Joel Garver of Junction City (Kansas) High School were introduced. They will be working with the broadcast area. Kris Doran is stepping down as broadcast contest coordinator.

• Numbers might have been affected by having an online Quiz Bowl qualifying test. April van Buren suggested having two opportunities to take the online qualifying test before the convention. It would help identify people who need a qualifying test (CTE) to attend a national competition. Marketing to state Journalist of the Year winners might be an option.

• BPA photo contest will be sponsored by JEA again. JEA provides the judges for the contest. There is no cost to JEA; just time for judging.

• Junior high/middle school mail-in contest had more than 400 entries last spring.

• Write-off contest prompts from five conventions will be available soon on the JEA curriculum site.

• There were a few glitches on the Write-off system. There were 300 uploads in the last hour before the deadline, which might have slowed down the system.

• Several new broadcast contests will be introduced by the Dallas convention. Dallas convention will have layout critiques on the system.

• Write-off system: An outside programmer will develop Phase II, keeping budget in mind.
One goal is to make the website ADA compliant.

c. Research grant process application — Megan Fromm

The application can go live anytime. It will be open for about six weeks. There is a $7,500 budget. AEJMC would be a good place to post notice, and email to graduate schools to promote. NSPA has to agree to this.

d. Administrator scholarship application — Casey Nichols via written report

The application is now online on the JEA website. This scholarship is for teachers studying to be administrators. There is $5,000 total in this scholarship fund.

e. Administrator project grants — Casey Nichols and John Bowen

No one applied. Should we continue to offer it? This has been tied to First Amendment Press Freedom Award-winning schools. Find other ways to promote.

e. National Student Representative Board — Mark Newton

Richard Giang of Lakota East High School in Ohio suggested developing a student board that would meet at conventions, do a session, communicate through the year with monthly group chats. Mark Newton asked Giang to come up with a plan and report back in Seattle.

f. StoryCorps (Great Thanksgiving Listen) partnership — Mark Newton

Kim Baskin from StoryCorps will be in Indianapolis to present a session on the Great Thanksgiving Listen, a way for students to record their elders’ stories.

g. NCAA and scholastic journalism — Mark Newton

Many advisers are uncertain how to get their courses accepted by the NCAA. It was suggested JEA includes on the website materials showing JEA’s position and hints on writing course descriptions. Candace Bowen will lead the review.

h. Four C’s for Careers Act — Mark Newton

Caucus in U.S. House of Representatives. Congressional 21st Century Skills Caucus. Tied to P-21. Iowa, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington, D.C., California, New Jersey, Tennessee, New York and Ohio. State directors are encouraged to send communications to legislature. Newton sent a model letter to share. Links to the white paper. Journalism component should be part of the discussion. See sheet on Google Docs. Newton will share letter and link to caucus.

i. NCTE conference goals — Jonathan Rogers

Rogers said he joined the NCTE censorship committee and that partnership is doing well.

There is interest in how to bring journalism to regular language arts and in authentic published work. At the upcoming NCTE convention Rogers will staff the booth, participate in a mentoring session. He requested C:JET magazines and other materials to hand out. Partnership is strong. He will help with lit mag contest. NCTE coming out with a new brand.

JEA helped prepare two resolutions that will be presented at the NCTE convention: Resolution on Increasing Importance of Journalism Courses in English Curricula. Resolution on the need to promote legislation to protect the rights of student journalists. Voting will take place Friday, Nov. 18.

j. Business Professionals of America — Mark Newton, Sarah Nichols

Linda Puntney, Sarah Nichols and Mark Newton will meet with BPA representatives to talk about next steps in the partnership. JEA had a presence in Orlando at their convention. It was suggested that JEA become a chartering organization for BPA in states without BPA. Sarah Nichols is the contact person.

k. Society of Professional Journalists Resolution — Mark Newton

SPJ recently passed a resolution in support of enhanced protection for student journalists.


Other resolutions support women in journalism and the right to report on political campaigns. Those resolutions are important to JEA. SPJ joined 14 other journalism orgs to ask President-elect Donald Trump to commit to protective press pool for transparency. Megan Fromm and Sarah Nichols are working on a speaking proposal for the SPJ convention in Anaheim in the fall.

l. “Pulitzer at 100” documentary — Mark Newton

Newton asked if we could get the documentary. Independent company produced documentary so there may be an opportunity they’re checking on.

m. JOY scholarship fund — Mark Newton

JEA past presidents Jack Kennedy and Ann Visser will co-chair a targeted advertising campaign to raise $25,000 for Journalist of the Year scholarships. Past presidents and past board members will be asked to contribute a dollar for every year they’ve been in education.

n. AEJMC Midwinter Meeting — Mark Newton

Newton suggested that the Scholastic Journalism Division might be interested in meeting at the JEA convention to get better attendance. He’s willing to look into that.

o. 2017 Election — Candace Bowen

The final slate of candidates for the JEA election in February 2017 will be presented at the general meeting Saturday, Nov. 12.

Deadline for candidates’ statements and headshot: Dec. 15, 2016.

Listserv and website posting of winners will be synchronized. There will be a runoff election if no one gets more than 50 percent.

p. JEA/NSPA Adviser Outreach Program — Sarah Nichols

Sarah Nichols, Val Kibler and Lori Keekley went to Lafayette High School in Mississippi after six months of planning for the first JEA/NPSA Adviser Outreach Program. They offered publications critiques using the new NSPA score sheet. They led the adviser and students’ goal-setting process. The team worked with staff members to boost their self-esteem and elevate the status of the media in their school. They met separately with adviser and principal to find ways to support students. Principal was supportive. Students were excited and the progression was amazing. Success: awareness of student media in the school; potential of timely stories; Adviser is now a CJE; the school plans to apply for FAPFA. They saw a shift from “I can’t” to “we can do this.” For the Saturday workshop, they noticed a lot of pushback from the state scholastic press association and the university. Seven schools from three states attended the Saturday workshop. Commended state director R.J. Morgan. In the next round they need to find good teachers willing to change gears regularly.

p. Conventions — Linda Puntney and Laura Widmer

The JEA and NSPA directors looked at different convention city pairings to see if the conventions with the biggest attendance would help budgeting. Mark Newton said he is against preset seven-year rotations. We should leave some flexibility.

q. Partner Reports — Mark Newton

Jason Zhu from JEA China spoke to the board. He brought seven students to the convention to learn from JEA convention sessions and Write-off competitions. Kelly Furnas was in China in August to lecture at the JEA China convention and to judge some contests. Zhu said he is working to expand this program, and is also working with Northwestern University/Medill School of Journalism. JEA China will be sending Chinese students to Washington, D.C., soon. In the spring semester they will have an online contest.

8. New business

• Motion to approve the amended IRS Form 990. (passed 7-0)
Moved: Candace Bowen; Seconded: John Bowen

• Motion to increase staff bonuses to reflect tax deductions. (passed 7-0)

Moved: Mark Newton; Seconded: Sarah Nichols

• Motion to allocate $13,000 from the reserve (investment) funds to the 2016-17 budget to cover all expenses related to the executive director search. (passed 7-0)

Moved: Mark Newton; Seconded: Megan Fromm

• Motion to approve the contract to host JEA Advisers Institute 2018 at The Linq Resort Las Vegas under the terms presented. (passed 7-0)

Moved: Sarah Nichols. Seconded: Carrie Faust

Rationale: Rates are the same as in 2016; however, resort fee increases by $4. Because the sleeping ratio was low, alternate sites were not interested.

Registration fee: $150. Room rate: $108

Linq Resort and Casino, July 9-12, 2018

• Approval of slate for 2017 election — Candace Bowen

Qualtrics will be used for the election. JEA will announce the winners and the number of votes for each. Results will go to Linda Puntney, Candace Bowen and Mark Newton simultaneously, and they’ll decide when to release. Final approval of the slate of candidates will be given at the general membership meeting.

• Motion: The Journalism Education Association will extend its current contract with Kansas State University for one year (through June 30, 2019). (passed 7-0)

Moved: Sarah Nichols; Seconded: Megan Fromm

9. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 4 p.m. (passed 7-0)

Moved: Stan Zoller; Seconded: Carrie Faust

A follow-up meeting will be at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 12, in Room 307.

The board will meet at 8:30 a.m. April 6, 2017, at the Sheraton Seattle and Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

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