11 schools qualify for the Fall 2016 Quiz Bowl

11 schools qualify for the Fall 2016 Quiz Bowl

Congratulations to the following schools that have teams qualifying for the National Journalism Quiz Bowl in Indianapolis.

Cherry Hill High School East
New Jersey
Adviser: Gregory Gagliardi

Claudia Taylor Johnson High School
Adviser: Velisa Jewett

Conestoga High School
Adviser: Cynthia Hyatt

Decatur High School
Adviser: Jon Reese

duPont Manual High School
Adviser: James Miller

Francis Howell North
Adviser: Aaron Manfull

Holton High School
Adviser: Karen Ford

Interstate 35 High School
Adviser: Brianna Schwenk Maschman

Lee’s Summit West High School
Adviser: Carol Ullery

North Central High School
Adviser: Tom Gayda

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Adviser: Wendy Turner

At the convention, qualifying teams will take a written test on the Friday of the convention at 8 a.m. Based on the results of that test, the TOP 16 teams will go on to the exciting Buzzer Rounds, which are the following morning (Saturday) at the convention, and vie for the #1 spot, bragging rights and a big trophy.

More details online at: http://jea.org/wp/home/ awards-honors/national-journalism-quiz-bowl/

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