Adviser outreach team offers free one-day regional workshop

Adviser outreach team offers free one-day regional workshop

fall-workshop-promoAs part of the new adviser outreach program, JEA and NSPA will host a free Saturday workshop for journalism teachers and students Sept. 3 at Lafayette High School in Oxford, Miss.

The one-day event is geared toward all types of student media programs and will include sessions on First Amendment awareness and press rights, reporting, social media, editorial leadership, photography and publication design. Advisers will have the opportunity to learn how to use the JEA Curriculum and gain support from professional learning communities.

A key goal of the initiative is to bring high-level programming to parts of the country where JEA/NSPA national conventions typically do not take place.

“Teachers face so many hurdles in getting their students the extra instruction and inspiration they need. Our hope is that by bringing the workshop to them on a local level — on a weekend, and at no cost — we can eliminate some of those challenges. We want every student and teacher to experience the energy of networking with others in scholastic media, to pick up new skills and strategies, to leave excited and more prepared to do great journalism,” said Vice President Sarah Nichols, MJE, who is one of the organizers.

Mississippi State Director R.J. Morgan will coordinate registration as one of the local hosts.

“When you’re the poorest state in the union, the financial reality of attending a national convention makes it almost a non-starter for most of our members. So having instruction of this caliber come straight to us? That’s a lot like having Adele perform at your birthday party,” Morgan said.

Journalism teachers and students in Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama and Arkansas are invited to attend the free Sept. 3 event. Click here for more information, including session topics, instructor bios and details about how to register.

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