SPJ launches Journalism Education Database

SPJ launches Journalism Education Database

The Society of Professional Journalists is launching the Journalism Education Database, which will provide mentors for elementary, middle and high school journalism students and teachers.

The Journalism Education Database provides an opportunity for all SPJ members and local chapters to volunteer their expertise in helping strengthen America’s elementary, middle and high school journalism programs. This project was created by SPJ’s Journalism Education Committee.

“Recent research shows that many middle and high school journalism teachers feel overwhelmed by their lack of training opportunities and inability to find local mentors,” said SPJ Journalism Education Committee Chair Butler Cain. “SPJ wishes to inspire successive generations of talented individuals to become dedicated journalists. With this database, it’s our hope that all student journalists will be able to receive the encouragement and assistance they need to pursue a future in journalism.”

The J-Ed mentor database can be found here. The database currently has nearly 40 professional journalists from across the country who have signed up to share their knowledge and experiences, whether it is by conducting a videoconference with student journalists, discussing successful teaching techniques with journalism teachers, or visiting a local classroom to discuss various journalism topics. Teachers and students interested in connecting with a journalist should refer to the database.

Journalists interested in participating in the project should send contact information and a bulleted list of areas of expertise to the Journalism Education Committee at

The purpose of the Journalism Education Committee is to promote excellence in education programs and practical research. It acts as a clearinghouse for the Society’s academic members and students.

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