Minutes from Nov. 13, 2015, General Membership Meeting

Minutes from Nov. 13, 2015, General Membership Meeting

Unofficial Minutes (to be approved in Los Angeles)

The Journalism Education Association general membership meeting was held at 8 a.m. Friday, Nov. 13, 2015, in Asia 5, Lobby Level, Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel.

I. Call to order — Mark Newton

II. Roll call — Connie Fulkerson

(board members)
Mark Newton, MJE, president; Sarah Nichols, MJE, vice president; Candace Perkins Bowen, MJE, past president; Carrie Faust, MJE, director-at-large; Stan Zoller, MJE, director-at-large; Megan Fromm, CJE, educational initiatives director; John Bowen, MJE, scholastic press rights director

(staff) Kelly Furnas, CJE, executive director; Connie Fulkerson, CJE, secretary/administrative assistant

(committee chairs, liaisons)
Kim Green, MJE, certification; Jon Rogers, MJE, professional outreach; Evelyn Lauer, CJE, publications/public relations; Linda Barrington, MJE, mentoring; Bradley Wilson, MJE, C:JET editor; Howard Spanogle, C:JET assistant editor; Joe Humphrey, MJE, Orlando local team chair; Tom Gayda, MJE, Indianapolis local team chair

(state directors)
Linda Ballew, MJE; Heather Nagel, CJE; Jon Reese, CJE; Julia Satterthwaite, CJE; Valerie Kibler, CJE; Michael Reeves, Nancy Hastings, MJE; Matt LaPorte, CJE; Maggie Cogar, Sandra Coyer, MJE; Leslie Shipp, MJE; Susan Goins Newell, MJE; Renee Burke, MJE; R.J. Morgan, Leslie Dennis, Carmen Wendt, MJE; Marsha Kalkowski, MJE; Susan Gregory, MJE; Susan Massy, Erin Castellano, Sue Skalicky, MJE

Brian Baron, CJE; Jane Blystone, MJE; Lizabeth Walsh, MJE; Paul Niwa, Rod Satterthwaite, MJE; Sarah Verpooten, MJE; Carrie L. Wadycki, MJE; Mary Kay Downes, MJE; Brenda Gorsuch, MJE; Sarah-Anne Lanman, Lori Keekley, MJE; Kristy Nyp, CJE; Nancy Oben, Cyndi Hyatt, CJE; Kathy Schrier, MJE; Linda Drake, MJE; Diana Hadley, Carol Strauss, Donna Emmons, CJE; Don Goble, Monica Hill

III. Approval of minutes — Mark Newton

Motion to approve the minutes from the Denver general meeting. (passed unanimously)
Moved: Mary Kay Downes; Seconded: Linda Barrington

IV. Reports

A. Summary of board action — Mark Newton

Newton reviewed the motions passed in the Thursday board meeting: Amend the bylaws to allow a director or officer of an affiliate state regional or national scholastic press association or student collegiate chapter to vote. (electronic vote of June 12, 2015); approved the corrected IRS 990 form; approved the updated wording of the Adviser Code of Ethics; approved the mentor travel stipend policy, allowing them to receive reimbursement for hotel and travel costs, not a set stipend; and endorsed the Minnesota New Voices Act.

B. Conventions — Kelly Furnas

Furnas reported that the number of registered delegates was 6,134 as of Friday.

The board asked JEA and NSPA directors to look into Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Anaheim as potential 2019 convention sites. They also are exploring better ways to manage the convention hotel room block and overflow hotels.

Meeting the deadline for program proposals (Dec. 15 for Los Angeles) will ease the scheduling process.

C. Financial reports

Furnas said that paid membership is as high as it has ever been. He highlighted the 200 percent increase in international members.

The Statement of Financial Position as of Sept. 15, 2015, had total assets of $1,506,910.16. This does not include the Orlando income/expenses.

D. Items of concern, attention, update — officers, directors, chairs

Sarah Nichols briefly reviewed the JEA/NSPA on-site training program for underserved schools with administrative support for journalism. A financial proposal will be presented to each board in January so they can plan 2016-2017 budgets.

Tom Gayda, chair of the local planning team, invited attendees to the Indianapolis convention next fall.

Jon Rogers said he had contact with Flipchart people who are interested in posting student stories.

Megan Fromm and Don Goble will be going to a convention in Boston to encourage those in higher education to help scholastic journalism.

Evelyn Lauer said the winner of the Scholastic Journalism Week logo contest will be announced at the Friday general session.

John Bowen reminded attendees that Dec. 15 is the first round deadline for First Amendment Press Freedom Award.

V. New business

A. Matters introduced by members

Motion to commend the local Orlando team for its work on the convention (passed unanimously)
Moved: Jane Blystone; Seconded: Stan Zoller

VI. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the meeting. (passed unanimously)
Moved: Nancy Hastings; Seconded: Renee Burke

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 a.m.

The next meeting of the general membership will be 8 a.m. Friday, April 15, 2016, at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.

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