Minutes from Nov. 12, 2015, Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from Nov. 12, 2015, Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes (Approved in Los Angeles, April 14, 2016)

The Journalism Education Association board meeting was held at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, in Europe 2, Lobby Level, at the Walt Disney World Dolphin hotel.

I. Call to order — Mark Newton (8:30 a.m.)

II. Roll call and determination of quorum — Connie Fulkerson

(voting members) Mark Newton, MJE, president; Sarah Nichols, MJE, vice president; Candace Perkins Bowen, MJE, past president; Carrie Faust, MJE, director-at-large; Stan Zoller, MJE, director-at-large; John Bowen, MJE, scholastic press rights director; Megan Fromm, CJE, educational initiatives director.

(non-voting members)
Kelly Furnas, CJE, executive director; Connie Fulkerson, CJE, administrative assistant/secretary; Kim Green, MJE, certification chair; Nancy Y. Smith, MJE, contest chair; Priscilla Frost, writing/design contest coordinator; Kris Doran, broadcast contest coordinator; Bradley Wilson, MJE, Communication: Journalism Education Today editor; Jonathan Rogers, MJE, professional outreach chair; Linda Barrington, MJE, mentoring program chair; Evelyn Lauer, CJE, publications/public relations chair; April van Buren, MJE, Journalism Quiz Bowl chair.

(others) Joe Humphrey, Orlando team chair; Heather Bunning, Business Professionals of America; NSPA board: Diana Mitsu Klos, Albert Tims, Laura Widmer, Ann Visser, MJE; Peter Bobkowski, Valerie Kibler, CJE; Ron Johnson, Jeanne Acton

III. Reading of notice of meeting — Connie Fulkerson

The following was posted in JEA.org on Oct. 12: The Journalism Education Association board of directors will meet 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, in room Europe 2 of Walt Disney World Dolphin in Orlando, Florida.

IV. Approval of minutes — Mark Newton

Motion to approve the spring 2015 board meeting minutes as written. (passed 7-0)
Moved: Stan Zoller; Seconded: John Bowen

V. Affirmation of electronic votes

A. Motion to amend the JEA bylaws to reflect the following additions: Article III, Section 1, subsection a: add a fourth category to read: (4) the director or officer on record for affiliated state, regional or national scholastic press associations or student collegiate chapters. Article V, Section 1: add a new second sentence to the last paragraph of the opening to read: Individuals are restricted to a single vote per election cycle. (passed 7-0, June 12, 2015)

VI. Approval of agenda — Mark Newton
Add VII: D (commend Kelly Furnas) and VIII: D (Minnesota New Voices Act)
Motion to approve agenda as amended. (passed 7-0)
Megan Fromm moved and Candace Perkins Bowen seconded.

VII. Commendations

A. Aaron Manfull — by Sarah Nichols. For his leadership of the Digital Media Committee.

B. Matt Rasgorshek — by Evelyn Lauer. For his production and editing of One Book podcasts.

C. Thomas Kaup — by Bradley Wilson. For his work on the C:JET magazine package on the role of schools with a large portion of low-socio-economic-status students in scholastic education.

D. Kelly Furnas — by Mark Newton. For all the behind-the-scenes work he does in communicating with members and other outside the organization.

VIII. New business

A. Approval of IRS Form 990

Motion to approve the IRS Form 990 with the list of changes discussed.
Moved: Sarah Nichols. Seconded: Candace Bowen. (passed 7-0)

B. Update Adviser Code of Ethics — submitted by the Scholastic Press Rights Committee.

The three new updates are in administrative relations, social media and diversity. (passed 7-0).
Changes are in bold:
• Foster cooperation and open communication with administrators and other stakeholders while students exercise their First Amendment rights.
• Encourage journalistically responsible use of social media in schools and educate students, school officials and community to its value. Educate students about the ramifications of its misuse.
• Champion inclusion so that ALL students not only see themselves and their ideas represented, but also see themselves as able to contribute to and to lead student-determined media.
• Model standards of professional journalistic conduct.
• Empower students to make decisions of style, structure and content by creating a learning atmosphere where students will actively practice critical thinking and decision-making.
• Encourage students to seek divergent points of view and to explore a variety of information sources in their decision-making.
• Support and defend a free, robust and active forum for student expression without prior review or restraint.
• Emphasize the importance of accuracy, balance and clarity in all aspects of news gathering and reporting.
• Show trust in students as they carry out their responsibilities by encouraging and supporting them in a caring, learning environment.
• Remain informed on press rights and responsibilities across media platforms.
• Advise and mentor, rather than act as censor or decision-maker.
• Display professional and personal integrity in situations that might be construed as potential conflicts of interest.
• Support free expression for others in local and larger communities.

C. Mentor travel stipend policy — Mentoring Committee

The Mentor Committee moves that the travel stipend policy be changed so that mentors attending the convention and forum (and judging Write-offs would be reimbursed for hotel and travel costs, rather than receive a set stipend. (passed 7-0)

D. Minnesota New Voices Act

Move to accept the endorsement as presented.
Moved: Mark Newton. Seconded: John Bowen. (passed 7-0)
The board also indicated it would be willing to endorse similar legislation from other states upon request. The endorsement follows:
The Journalism Education Association, the largest organization in the country for journalism teachers and student media advisers, endorses New Voices Act proposed by Minnesota educators for the 2016 legislative session. Such endorsement reflects our mission and beliefs, including active defense of First Amendment freedoms and journalistic responsibilities.

The Act’s purpose — to restore and preserve student expression at both the secondary and collegiate levels —is an integral part of learning that must go on in our schools. Allowing students to make content decisions and be in charge of their own media lets them practice critical thinking, researching, interviewing, writing, editing and creating visuals while collaborating with other staffers to produce a product for an audience.

Students also learn how a free and responsible press can improve their school communities by informing, entertaining and influencing their audience. They model civics in action so not only the student journalists see how democracy works, but also those who read and view their media.

The New Voices Act has a sound educational foundation that will prove a benefit to Minnesota students far beyond their journalism rooms.

I. Reports

A. Conventions — Kelly Furnas

1. 2019 National High School Journalism Conventions
After viewing site-selection methods, the board asked Furnas to work with NSPA to research Washington, D.C., Anaheim and Philadelphia as potential sites for the 2019 fall and spring conventions.
The board also agreed to have JEA and NSPA directors explore a simpler way to manage the room block at the convention hotel and overflow hotels starting with the Indianapolis convention.

2. Convention session selection — The board discussed the procedures for selecting and scheduling convention sessions after concerns from the Digital Media Committee were expressed. No major changes will be made; however, ways to improve the evaluation process of speakers and sessions will be explored.

B. Headquarters — Kelly Furnas

1. Business Professionals of America — Kelly Furnas
Furnas discussed the new partnership with BPA and benefits of aligning with a Career and Technical Student Organization. We would like to send representatives from JEA to the BPA convention in May.

2. Documentation of subsequent events — Kelly Furnas
There are no upcoming events that the board is aware of that will adversely affect the organization financially.

C. Certification Committee — Kim Green

The committee had a productive retreat in May. Members worked with curriculum leaders to align the test with what is offered at the curriculum site. Digital certification tests will be used for the first time at this convention. The process will be evaluated. The applications also have been digitized. Green confirmed that individuals who have earned CJE through Option C may use the same MJE application as Option A and B recipients.

D. Diversity Committee — Stan Zoller

Zoller encouraged contacting professional journalism organizations in convention cities to get diverse speakers and to identify schools for outreach.

E. State directors — Sarah Nichols

There are six new state directors since spring. The State Directors Guide was updated. Nichols voiced concerns about states with inactive or no state directors.

F. JEA/NSPA Convention Subcommittee — Valerie Kibler

No report.

G. JEA/NSPA outreach program — Sarah Nichols

Sarah Nichols (representing JEA) and Valerie Kibler (representing NSPA) discussed a proposal for a JEA/NSPA outreach: On-site training program with these goals:
• to reach teachers/students/programs unable to attend our conventions
• to help journalism classes gain sufficient skills necessary for producing student media
• to connect “outliers” to the greater scholastic journalism community (membership increase)
• to collaborate between JEA/NSPA to benefit both teachers and students

The on-site training and ongoing outreach with schools in underserved areas gives JEA and NSPA a chance to help build the foundation for teachers and their students and demonstrates JEA core values of pedagogy (putting excellent teachers in the classroom to provide solid instruction using best practices), advocacy and community (bringing together all types of teachers/programs and making connections for students and teachers through PLCs in a positive and supportive relationship).

The board encouraged the committee to make sure the administrators at the schools applying are supportive of journalism in the school. A budget for the training program will be submitted to each board before their respective budget planning meetings.

H. Write-offs

More than 2,000 were registered for the Orlando Write-offs. Mark Newton asked the Contest Committee to look at ways for states to get a process for qualifying for nationals.

I. Nominations

In planning ahead for elections, look for potential job descriptions changes. In the next election, numerical results (votes per candidate) will be included as well as percentage results.

J. Other

1. The Board reviewed the progress being made on the organization’s goals.
2. Heather Bunning from Business Professionals of America introduced herself and discussed the JEA/BPA partnership.

Adjournment (4:33 p.m.)
Moved: Stan Zoller; Seconded: Megan Fromm

A follow-up meeting will be at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015,
in Europe 2 of the Walt Disney World Dolphin

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