Satterthwaite joins Certification Committee

Satterthwaite joins Certification Committee

The Certification Committee is pleased to announce Rod Satterthwaite, MJE, as its newest member from a group of applicants from around the country.

“That talented, committed educators are so willing to answer the challenge to serve JEA inspires me,” chairperson Kim Green, MJE, said. “To designate one from this field to join the committee spoke volumes about every single candidate’s talents. Rod’s wealth of experience in scholastic journalism on multiple levels will make him a valuable member of our team.”

Satterthwaite, who advises The Tower newspaper and website at Grosse Pointe South (Mich.) High School and teaches three sections of advanced journalism and two sections of honors journalism, will begin his service immediately.

“I’m honored to be selected to serve JEA as part of the Certification Committee. Becoming an MJE was a milestone in my professional career, and it helped me reflect on who I am and who I wanted to become as a journalism instructor,” he said. “I look forward to serving this committee which has helped so many great advisers around the country get recognized for the work they do and has created a model for certification requirements in journalism education.”

Satterthwaite replaces Starr Sackstein, MJE. He will serve the remainder of Sackstein’s term and may elect to serve an additional four years.

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