JEA, NSPA prepare for joint board summit

JEA, NSPA prepare for joint board summit

Board members for the Journalism Education Association will meet with board members from its convention partner, the National Scholastic Press Association, on Saturday, Jan. 17, in Chicago.

After extending the organizations’ joint operating agreement last year, the associations agreed to meet in order to strategize about future conventions and seek out other areas of collaboration.

“There is so much overlap between the memberships and missions of JEA and NSPA, it’s important for the organizations to sit together at the same table to see how we are and should be collaborating,” said Kelly Furnas, JEA executive director.

Furnas said he encouraged JEA members to reach out to staff and/or elected board members with any questions they have about the convention model, NSPA partnership or — as always — anything else.

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