Jonathan Rogers named NCTE liaison

Jonathan Rogers named NCTE liaison

Jonathan Rogers, MJE, has been named as the Journalism Education Association liaison to the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Jonathan Rogers, MJE

Jonathan Rogers, MJE

President Mark Newton, MJE, appointed Rogers, who teaches language arts and journalism and advises student media at City High School in Iowa City, Iowa, to replace Brian Wilson, MJE, who has held the position for the last four years.

“I am very excited to take over the JEA liaison to NCTE,” Rogers said. “As a language arts and journalism teacher I think this bridge between our content areas is vital to JEA’s mission of supporting journalism programs and encouraging teachers to start publication programs at their schools.”

For scholastic journalism, Rogers has worked as president of the Iowa High School Press Association, earned his MJE, and publishes regularly on He is the current JEA Professional Outreach Committee chairperson.

“Jonathan is well positioned to further our efforts within NCTE,” Newton said. “I am impressed with his understanding of how journalism and student media are superior ways to authentically demonstrate 21st century English skills.”

Newton said he was most appreciative of Wilson’s service. “Brian is an extraordinary journalism teacher and student media adviser,” Newton said. “Take that and put it together with his remarkable skills as an English teacher and you can see why JEA thrived in the NCTE environment. I am forever thankful for his efforts and accomplishments.”

Wilson said JEA has made some powerful inroads within NCTE the last few years. “I’m proud of the way that JEA has worked toward becoming such a mover-and-shaker in the education world,” he said. “I am so happy to have helped in some small part, and I’m grateful to JEA for this opportunity.”

“Jonathan has big shoes to fill,” Newton said. “When one takes Jonathan’s ideas and work ethic and adds those of our members and JEA leaders, I expect us to make an even bigger impact with English/language arts teachers who want to use journalism to make their classrooms better or who are afforded the opportunity to advise student media.”

The Assembly for Advisers of Student Publications/Journalism Education Association ( is the largest assembly in NCTE.

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