Minutes from April 11, 2014, general membership meeting

Minutes from April 11, 2014, general membership meeting

The Journalism Education Association general membership meeting was at 8 a.m. on Friday, April 11, 2014, in Aqua 300A of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.

Unofficial minutes

I. President Mark Newton calls the meeting the order.

II. Roll call – Mitch Eden

(board members)

Mark Newton, president; Sarah Nichols, vice president; Jack Kennedy, past president; Sandra Coyer, Region 1 director; Carrie Faust, Region 2 director; Gary Lindsay, Region 3 director; Brenda Gorsuch, Region 5 director; Wayna Polk, Region 4 director; Rod Satterthwaite, Region 6 director; Jane Blystone, Region 7 director; Kim Green, certification commission; John Bowen, scholastic press rights commission; Anita Marie Wertz, junior high/middle school commission; Mitch Eden, secretary

(members-sign-in sheet)

Kelly Furnas, executive director; Connie Fulkerson, awards committee; Candace Bowen, educational initiatives; Linda Barrington, mentoring committee; Aaron Manfull, digital media; Megan Fromm, Patrick Johnson, Evelyn Lauer, Kyle Phillips, Matthew Schott, Carmen Wendt, Georgia Dunn, Nancy Hastings, Tom Gayda, Rachel McCarver, yan Gunterman, Sue Skalicky, Carrie Wadycki, Sarah Verpooten, Diana Hadley, Susan Houseman, Cyndi Crothers-Hyatt, Alyssa Boehringer, Albert Dupont, Bob Blair, Courtney Archer, H.L. Hall, Courtney Morgan, Candace Perkins-Bowen, Robin Stover, Casandra Workman, Shari Adwers, Susan Massey, Lori Keekley, Valerie Kibler, Claire Burke, Heather Nagel, Carol Strauss, Kathy Schrier, Peggy Gregory, Linda Barrington, Chris Grasseschi, Linda Drake, Marra Hutchinson, Monica Hill, Cynthia Ferguson, Stan Zoller

III. Approval of minutes  — Mitch Eden

Motion: Wayna Polk. Second: Carrie Faust.

IV. Reports

Summary of board action – Mitch Eden

Conventions – Kelly reported we had around 3,025 attendees in San Diego. Upcoming conventions: DC (‘14), Denver (‘15) and just approved Dallas (‘17).

Financial Reports – Kelly reported the bottom line is +$76,018 positive with $1.4 million in cash and reserves in assets.

Mentoring – Linda Barrington

Digital Media Committee – Aaron Manfull

Outreach Academy – Steve O’Donoghue

JOY – Wayna Polk

SPRC – John Bowen

Day of Doing – Sara Verpooten and Carrie Wadycki

Local Committee, Jessica Young and Danielle Ryan:

Quiz Bowl – Brenda Gorsuch

Curriculum – Sarah Nichols

V. New business

A. Matters introduced by members. NONE.

VI. Meeting adjourned 8:54 a.m.

Motion to Adjourn: Jack Kennedy Second: Wayna Polk


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