Scholastic Journalism Week 2014: Schedule of events

Scholastic Journalism Week 2014: Schedule of events

Scholastic Journalism Week 2014 is coming soon. Included is an outline for the week, Feb. 17-21 and activities that go along with each day.

Monday: Meet the press day: Hold an after-school “Meet the Press” type mixer inviting teachers and admin to come in, have cake (everyone loves cake) and some punch. Have your students mingle. Set up tables at lunch and have your staff man them. Have them share with others in your community why they chose to join staff and why they love what they do.

Tuesday: Trivia Tuesday: Set up a Jeopardy-type event with your staff using journalism history, school history, news terms, journalism jargon.

Wednesday: We ARE! Have students take photos of each other and include a quote from each about why they do journalism, what they like about it, etc. Place the picture on 11-by-17-inch paper with the quote and post around school. Channel your inner “Humans of New York” idea. Share these photos and images on Instagram, using the hashtag #sjw2014.

Thursday: Thank you throwback: Write thank you notes to important supporters, sources, or past advisers as a way to acknowledge the importance of support. Use the hashtag #sjw2014 to Tweet your thanks to people who have impacted the reason you do journalism, or the people in the field you admire.

Friday: First Amendment Friday: Use this day to teach your staff or even your community about the First Amendment. Set up a coin drive as a way to raise awareness and funds for the Student Press Law Center. Tackle some hypothetical situations in class to work on “what would you do.”

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