Minutes from Nov. 14, 2013, board of directors meeting

Minutes from Nov. 14, 2013, board of directors meeting

Board meeting
Nov. 14, 2013
Boston Sheraton

The Journalism Education Association board of directors meeting was held Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013, at 8 a.m. at Commonwealth, Boston Sheraton, the president being in the chair and the secretary being present.

Official Minutes

I. President Mark Newton calls the meeting the order.

II. Roll call:

(voting members)
Mark Newton, president; Sarah Nichols, vice president; Mitch Eden, secretary; Jack Kennedy, past president; Sandra Coyer, Region 1; Carrie Faust, Region 2; Gary Lindsay, Region 3; Wayna Polk, Region 4; Brenda Gorsuch, Region 5; Rod Satterthwaite, Region 6; Jane Blystone, Region 7; Kim Green, certification commission; John Bowen, scholastic press rights commission; Anita Marie Wertz, junior high/middle school commission

(non-voting members)
Kelly Furnas, executive director; Bradley Wilson, Communication: Journalism Education Today editor; Connie Fulkerson, awards committee; Candace Bowen, educational initiatives; Linda Barrington, mentoring committee; Peggy Gregory, mentoring committee; Aaron Manfull, digital media; Nancy Smith, Write-offs; Priscilla Frost, Write-offs; Birgit Wassmuth, Kansas State University director of A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Babs Erickson, mentor; Brian Wilson, NCTE liaison; Aaron Engleman, broadcast contest coordinator, Pam Boller, office manager/membership registrar; Meredith Fey, bookkeeper; Howard Spanogle, Communication: Journalism Education Association assistant editor; Brian Baron, Boston convention chair; Al Tims, NSPA board president; Diana Mitsu Klos, NSPA executive director;  Martha Rothwell, North Carolina JEA mentor; Kay Windsor, North Carolina JEA mentor; Cornelia Harris, North Carolina JEA mentor

III. Reading of notice of meeting — Mitch Eden

This was posted on jea.org on Oct. 16, 2013: “The Journalism Education Association board of directors will meet at 8 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013, in the Commonwealth Room of the Sheraton Boston.”

IV. Approval of the Minutes

Motion: Gary Lindsay. Second: Jack Kennedy.

V. Affirmation of electronic votes — Mitch Eden

A. Motion to accept resolution recognizing Yvonne C. Liu’s future bequest of $25,000. (passed 13-0, June 13, 2013)

B. Motion to accept proposal from the Westin Las Vegas Hotel to host the JEA Advisers Institute in summers of 2014 and 2015. (failed 8-0-1, July 25, 2013)

C. Reconsider motion to accept proposal from the Westin Las Vegas Hotel to host the JEA Advisers Institute in summers of 2014 and 2015. (passed 11-0-1, July 26, 2013)

D. Motion to accept proposal to amend official bylaws. (passed 11-2, Aug. 30, 2013)

VI. Approval of agenda — Mark Newton

Motion: Carrie Faust. Second: Jane Blystone

VII. Commendations — Mark Newton

A. Brian Baron, Boston convention local chair

B. Megan Fromm, news literacy projects

C. Tom Gayda, service to JEA

D. Julie Dodd, service to JEA

E. Aaron Manfull, efforts for Broadcast Adviser of the Year

F. Sarah Nichols, Jack Kennedy, Bradley Wilson, Mitch Eden, RFP committee

VIII. Old business

A. Motion: Add a scholarship donation checkoff box to the JEA membership registration. (Mitch Eden, dues committee). Motion carries

B. Motion: Add an SPLC check-off donation box to the JEA membership registration. (Mitch Eden, dues committee). Motion carries

C. Headquarters/RFP — Mark Newton

JEA negotiates a contract for 2014-2018 to remain at Kansas State University. (RFP committee) Motion carries (14-0)

IX. New business

A. Certification partnership with Poynter’s News U — Kim Green Withdrawn

B. Approval of 990 — Kelly Furnas. Motion: Approval of 990 with changes as noted. Motion: Carrie Faust, Second: Kim Green. Motion carries

C. Mentoring — Linda Barrington and Peggy Gregory. Motion from committee: Mentor Program is asking the JEA Board for an additional $20,645 to provide financial assistance to 34 mentors and three committee members for travel and lodging for the San Diego convention. Motion carries (10-4)

X. Reports

A. NSPA — Al Tims and Diana Mitsu Klos

B. Mentoring — Martha Rothwell, Kay Windsor, Cornelia Harris, North Carolina JEA mentors

C. Conventions — Kelly Furnas

D. Headquarters report – Kelly Furnas

D. Nominations committee — Jack Kennedy

E. Curriculum project — Kelly Furnas and Sarah Nichols

F. NCTE — Brian Wilson

G. Quiz Bowl – Brenda Gorsuch

H. BOAY – Aaron Manfull

I. Day of Doing — Mark Newton

Motion to Adjourn: Sarah Nichols Second: Carrie Faust


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