Leaders sought for curriculum initiative

Leaders sought for curriculum initiative

JEA is seeking applicants for its ambitious curriculum initiative, which plans to develop and maintain full-fledged curriculum materials – including learning outcomes, lesson plans/activities, applicability to Common Core State Standards, applicability to Partnership for 21st Century Skills, assessments and evaluation guides – for 14 content areas:

  • News Literacy (media literacy, information literacy, civic literacy; production, language, representation, audience)
  • News Gathering (interviewing, research, news judgment)
  • Writing
    • basics of writing: overview that relate to all, including revision
    • news writing: hard news, web news, briefs, social media
    • feature writing: personality profile, yearbook
    • opinion writing: editorial, commentary, review, blogs/vlogs
  • Editing (AP Style, grammar, fact-checking, headlines)
  • Photojournalism (composition, exposure, captions, technology, photo editing and ethics)
  • Law and Ethics (copyright, First Amendment, student rights, libel, invasion of privacy, FOI)
  • Design (principles, elements, technology)
  • Leadership and Team Building (staff management, relationships with constituents, diversity)
  • Entrepreneurship (yearbook sales, product marketing, social media, advertising)
  • Audio-visual (broadcast writing, videography, technology)
  • Web (coding, SEO, analytics, design, Web writing, technology)

If you are interested in becoming a curriculum leader in one of the 14 subject areas, or if you would like to learn more about the curriculum initiative, visit the informational sheet and application form on jea.org.

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