Semiannual report available

Semiannual report available

The JEA Semiannual Report includes updates from JEA leaders – board members, committee chairs, liaisons – and includes links to additional information. It’s your chance to know what’s happening in each aspect of our organization.

While you’re visiting the JEA website to access the report, take a minute to visit your region’s page. Each region’s page features reports from the regional director and the state directors from that area. Officers now have the flexibility to make frequent updates to keep you even more connected to JEA news.

The region pages are:

If you’re heading to San Antonio next week for the Fall National High School Journalism Convention (#hsjTX), please join us Friday at 8 a.m. in Room 201 for the general membership meeting so you can hear more about JEA happenings and connect with fellow members.

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