Seeking leader for j student-organization initiative

Seeking leader for j student-organization initiative

JEA Members,

Are you a creative, energetic go-getter who values accomplishment?

Are you interested in a JEA leadership position?

Are you interested in supporting our members’ students?

Are you interested in leading a new ad-hoc committee for our j program?

I am looking for a person to chair the j Committee. JEA plans to take a great idea and make it even better. We want j to be a signature initiative and we need your help in making that happen. The chair of the j Committee will take charge of this student-focused program and grow it to a viable student journalism organization (think FBLA, DECA for journalism students).

General duties will include organizing j events and programs throughout the year and at conventions promotion, membership retention and growth, and running the j scholarship. We’re specifically looking for someone to add a personality to the program. The chair will attend JEA board meetings at each national convention, as well as run j programs and sessions during the convention, at JEA expense.

For information on j >

For questions, contact Tom Gayda >

For questions, contact Mark Newton >

If you are interested, please submit a letter of interest, detailing such, and highlighting your credentials and your goals/vision for the initiative. Please submit your letter to me by July 1, 2012.

Thank you,

Mark Newton, MJE

President | Journalism Education Association | | @jeapresident
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