Research on video instruction

Research on video instruction

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JEA is supporting the research of Julie Dodd, MJE, and a doctoral student at the University of Florida who are studying the effect and depth of broadcast journalism instruction at high schools across the country. From an association standpoint, we are hoping the research helps us identify trends, techniques and concerns among our broadcast advisers that might lead to discussion about modifying our initiatives in that area.

We are interested in your thoughts even if you don’t have what might be considered a “traditional” program for broadcasting in your school. In this time of convergence, we are wanting to hear from advisers who have dabbled with, or are proficient with, video on their websites or yearbook DVDs, as well as advisers who are working with fully functioning television stations. That breadth of experiences and viewpoints is paramount to the research being done.

If you have any questions about the survey, you can contact either Julie at, or Christine Eschenfelder at

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