Commissions, committees plan series of Web chats for members

Commissions, committees plan series of Web chats for members

Various JEA commissions and committees will be hosting live Web chats with members. You’re encouraged to attend, ask questions and get involved with what’s happening in the organization. All chats will take place on JEA’s Cover it Live page. The schedule thus far:

Date Time Group
Monday, Jan. 30 3 p.m. CST Scholastic Press Rights Commission
Tuesday, Feb. 7 6 p.m. CST JEA Executive Committee
Monday, Feb. 13 4 p.m. CST JEA Headquarters
Monday, Feb. 20 2 p.m. CST Junior High/Middle School Commission
Monday, Feb. 27 4 p.m. CST Certification Commission
Tuesday, March 6 7:30 p.m. CST Committee on Journalism and the Common Core
Monday, March 12 4 p.m. CST National Journalism Professional Learning Community Committee
Monday, March 19 7 p.m. CST JEA Regional Directors
Monday, March 26 7 p.m. CST Mentoring Committee

For more information about Cover it Live, check out these video tutorials produced by Carmel (Ind.) High School students Laura Peng, Ray Qian and Yameen Hameed.

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