Gabrielle Eyl named 2011 Aspiring Young Journalist

Gabrielle Eyl named 2011 Aspiring Young Journalist

Gabrielle J. Eyl

Gabrielle J. Eyl is the editor of the Eagle Pride Publisher newspaper and a member of the yearbook club at St. John the Evangelist School in Encinitas, Calif.

Her adviser Teresa Roberts described her as outgoing, positive and diplomatic with extremely strong leadership skills.

“No article, interview or challenge has ever daunted her,” wrote Roberts in a letter of recommendation.

Daily, Gabrielle reads two local newspapers and doesn’t miss an issue of Newsweek or Time.

Writing stories about social justice and helping others has always interested her.

In her essay about the importance of middle school journalism programs, Gabrielle wrote – A middle school journalism program is a direct reflection of the process of growing a flower. The soil is the middle school program; the seed, the young, hopeful writer; and the water, the adviser and role models.

Runners Up

Emily Biffinger

Emily is the editor of the View yearbook at Sierra Middle School in Parker, Colo.

Her adviser Jed Palmer said, “I feel that I can place my trust in Emily to accomplish whatever I ask of her and to get other students to accomplish what she has asked of them.”

She was the sole designer of the page templates for the 2011 View yearbook. While her adviser said her greatest area of talent was in graphic design, he also was impressed with her natural ability as a photographer to see a photo as it was happening and to capture in the lens what she must see in her mind.

Emily has been on the Honor Roll, a member of the National Junior Honor Society and received the Principal’s Award. She enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, softball, hiking and skiing. She plays piano and guitar.

Angela Chen

Angela is editor of Talefeathers, the school newspaper at Charles W. Young Junior High School in Arlington, Texas.

“This editor has great ability to guide and inspire her peers, especially those seventh grade staffers looking to her for inspiration and approval,” said Talefeathers adviser Anna Barrett.

Angela aspires to have a job in writing or desktop publishing.

As an eighth grader, Angela takes biology and geometry classes at the high school.

She is first chair in the school’s symphony orchestra, and plays piano. She is passionate about reading novels and magazines and enjoys playing tennis.

Danielle Ledgerwood

Danielle is a photographer at Maranatha Christian School in San Diego, Calif.

She loves music, sports, writing, photography and the outdoors. She claims she is obsessed with movies.

Her adviser Pamela Pachmayr said, “Danielle’s photographs show her talent both journalistically and artictisally. Danielle’s love for photography, coupled with her technical and artistic abilities, result in impactful, powerful and creative photos.”

Danielle said although she can recite the script from Finding Nemo word for word and describe in detail every difficult geometry postulate, she can not remember what she did for her birthday party two years ago. She further explained that if somebody hadn’t taken pictures, she wouldn’t remember anything that has happened in her life.

“After all, good photography is getting a pictures of what is going on, but great photography is capturing a moment, freezing a second in time for people to look back on and day ‘Wow. Remember that moment? It was incredible.’”

Madison March

Madison is the editor of the Jag Rag at Berry Middle School in Hoover, Ala.

She writes fiction stories in her spare time and is an avid reader of many genres.

Her adviser Cheryl Thomas said, “In thinking back on her work as a writer, I particularly remember her editorials. They were so very perceptive, especially for a student so young. All of her writing is right on target; it is pithy and quite readable.”

In addition to journalism, Madison plays competitive soccer, is involved in the school theater, and is a member of the National Junior Honor Society.

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