2009 board of directors elections

2009 board of directors elections


Anita Marie Wertz, CJE
Cesar Chavez High School, Stockton, California

Anita Marie Wertz, CJE , is a third-generation teacher. In the second grade I knew I wanted to teach. It wasn’t until my ninth year of teaching that I discovered the subject that has become my passion: journalism. The first day of yearbook class was scary as the students kept entering the class, and I was soon faced with 40 middle school yearbook students. At that point I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into. Soon I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do. I have advised yearbook for 18 years, and newspaper for 13 years, so I guess I’m hooked..

Statement of Goals:
I believe strongly that students have opinions, ideas, and voices that need to be heard and read. Too often students are afraid to express themselves because they feel they have to say and write what they believe others want them to say. I want my students to find their voice and use it.

Junior high and middle school students have fantastic ideas. They are creative. They are smart. They are expressive. They are fun.

Journalism programs in junior high and middle schools are important. They teach students to express themselves responsibly. They teach them to think outside the lines. They teach them to dig deep inside themselves.

As Junior High/Middle School Commission chair, I want to increase the opportunities for junior high/middle school students to participate in journalism programs, contests, and be recognized for the great work they do.

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