C:JET Volume 39, 2005-2006

C:JET Volume 39, 2005-2006

Fall 2005, Vol. 39, #1
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Cover photo by David Lundquist

  • Agricultural Journalism
    • "It's a Niche Industry" by Leigh Ochsner
    • With excerpts and samples of agricultural journalism by Karne Briere, Barbara Kuckworth, Mary MacArthur, Mike Raine, David Lundquist, Matt Stamey, Dan Anderson, John Phipps and Michael Young
  • "How Do You Spell Adviser" by Jeff Salisbury
  • "Pro-Active Steps to Hurdle Roadblock" by Beth Fitts
  • "Give Your Product or Service an Identity with a Logo" by Jared McCarthy
  • "Shooting Pictures of Spot News" by Bradley Wilson
  • "Save, Safe Often and Use JPEG" by Bradley Wilson
  • "Students Self-Censoring: 'They Avid Controversy. They Go Along with Authority All the Time" by Mark Sneed

Winter 2005, Vol. 39, #2
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Cover photo by William Miller

  • Experience Journalism: Choosing the Right College or University
    • "Go With What's Comfortable: Students, Advisers, Experts Value Experience, Proper Environment" by Bradley Wilson
    • "The Best Fit: Look Beyond Rankings to Bigger Picture"
    • "Job Outlook: Media Shifts May Influence Choices"
    • "Photoj: Market Saturaction Drives Down Salaries"
    • "Accreditation: An Objective Standard"
    • "What Editors Want"
    • Includes numerous lists of the "top" colleges and universities for journalism and photojournalism
  • 'We Weren't So Lucky" by Matt Stamey
  • Blue" and "Hoops" photo assignments
  • "Pensée Critique (Thinking Critically)" by Reginald Ragland
  • "iSilhouettes: Boldness Accents Simplicity as Key to Successful Art" by Bradley Wilson
  • "Publications for 'Real': Authentic Assessment a Necessity" by Carol Ziemian

Spring 2006, Vol. 39, #3
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Cover photo by Katie Kraus

  • Labor Journalism
    • "Labor Coverage Declining in Mainstream Media" by Haley Huie and Cynthia Yu Marvin
    • "Reporting on the Impact Corporations Have" by Lynn Baker
    • "No Justice and No Peace: The U.S. Occupation’s War on Iraqi Workers" by David Bacon
    • "Dissident Unions put the focus on organizing" by George Raine
  • "Why Style Matters"
  • "Forever Child" commentary, photos and copy by Steve Dearinger and Karen Smith.
  • "Clash of the Titans: Adobe and Apple battle over dominance in market for photographers’ editing tools" by Bradley Wilson
  • "How to Write a Sports Recap" by Mandy Polley
  • "Welcome to Yearbook: A Journey to Lifetime Involvement" by Lori Oglesbee

Summer 2006, Vol. 39, #4
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Summer 2006 cover

Cover photo by Josh Merwin

  • Indoor strobes by Bradley Wilson with photos by Roger Winstead, Craig Moore, Kelly Glasscock
  • Leadership by Aaron Manfull with activities by Mark Herron
  • Gallery of pages Francis Howell North High School (Saint Charles, Mo., Aaron Manfull, adviser)
  • Yearbook covers by Kim Hocutt with production photos by Clif Palmberg and book photos by Nick Pironio
  • Creating your cover: Setting up correct page size half the battle by Bradley Wilson
  • Yielding to the Consititution, Not to Censorship by Harry Proudfoot
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