C:JET Volume 38, 2004-2005

C:JET Volume 38, 2004-2005

Fall 2004, Vol. 38, #1
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Cover photo by Sarah Blocher

  • Covering Crime
    • “Do Your Homework; Know the People and the Rules; Double Check Everything ” by Ted Gest
    • “Gaining Access to Scenes” from the Student Press Law Center
    • “Journalist Ethnics ” by David Kraucek
    • “Covering Crime and Its Victims ” by Suzette Hackney
    • “Race, Ethnic Issues and Crime ” by Melissa Moore
    • “Photograhing the Scene”
    • “Criminal Justice Journalists” by Ted Gest
  • “Student Publications Localize Conflict in Iraq”
  • “Cultivating Sources: The Sources Are the Story “ by Dale Harrison
  • “A Tale of Two Interviews “ by David Knight
  • “Using Childrens’ Books in Journalism Programs” by Pat Graff
  • “Create a Pint-Sized Photo Book” by Pat Gathright
  • “Top 10 Reasons to Use InDesign for Scholastic Media” by Bradley Wilson
  • “Perception or Reality: Obtaining a Diverse Membership Remains a Challenge for JEA” by Mark Sneed

Winter 2004, Vol. 38, #2
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Cover photo by Liz Turpin, The Kinkaid School (Houston); David Veselka, instructor

  • Grading
    • “What’s a Teacher To Do?” by Candace Perkins Bowen with H.L. Hall, Susan Hathaway Tantillo and John Bown
    • “Taking the Mystery Out of Grading” by Mary Lou Nagy
    • “Self-Assess” by Janis Hatfield
    • “Rubrics” by Nancy Freeman
  • Pinhole Photography” by Ralph Howell
  • Rasterization: What high-resolution means in printing world” by Bradley Wilson
  • Alternative Copy” by Josh Bohling
  • Little Logic in State Requirements: Credit Policies Need to be More Flexible” by Dawayna Sanders

CLICK HERE for the online feature accompanies the feature package in the winter 2004 issue of JEA’s magazine, Communication: Journalism Education Today, vol. 38, no. 2.

Spring 2005, Vol. 38, #3
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  • Negative Space” by Ann Akers and Paul Ender
  • Gallery: “Four Major Hurricanes Hit the South
  • Unifying Concept: Theme More Than a Catch Phrase; Unifies Presentation and Coverage” by Pete LeBlanc and Dan Austin
  • Unique Handle: An Integral Part of the Book” by Nancy Hastings
  • Mini-feature: “Marketing: From Students to Parents – Sharing Sales Strategies
  • A prophecy for 2005: Online Design Shapes Smart Look for New Era” with predictions by James Archer and Cameron Moll
  • Standards for ‘Highly Qualified’ Teachers Are Arbitrary: Intelligence Left Outside” by Kevin Kneisley

Summer 2005, Vol. 38, #4
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Cover photo by Evan Semon

  • The Amazing Technicolor Publication: Make Publications Walking Works of Art” by Mike Dunlap, Kathy Habiger and Mike Taylor
  • Clean & Classy: Portraits of High-School Athletes” by Evan Semón
  • “‘You have to be committed’: Indiana designer produces innovative, customized football wraps” featuring special football supplements by Matt Erickson of The Times of Northwest Indiana
  • Credibility, recognition: motivations for creation of national journalism certification program” by Carla Harris, Ken Siver, Julie Dodd and Linda Puntney
  • Develop thinkers and writers to make readers uncomfortable: Knight Foundation survey results ‘chilling by Jack Kennedy
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