C:JET Volume 37, 2003-2004

C:JET Volume 37, 2003-2004

Cover photo by Matt Stamey

Fall 2003, Vol. 37, #1
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  • Covering Crime
    • “Do Your Homework; Know the People and the Rules; Double Check Everything ” by Ted Gest
    • “Gaining Access to Scenes” from the Student Press Law Center
    • “Journalist Ethnics ” by David Kraucek
    • “Covering Crime and Its Victims ” by Suzette Hackney
    • “Race, Ethnic Issues and Crime ” by Melissa Moore
    • “Photograhing the Scene”
    • “Criminal Justice Journalists” by Ted Gest
  • “Student Publications Localize Conflict in Iraq”
  • “Cultivating Sources: The Sources Are the Story “ by Dale Harrison
  • “A Tale of Two Interviews “ by David Knight
  • “Using Childrens’ Books in Journalism Programs” by Pat Graff
  • “Create a Pint-Sized Photo Book” by Pat Gathright
  • “Top 10 Reasons to Use InDesign for Scholastic Media” by Bradley Wilson
  • “Perception or Reality: Obtaining a Diverse Membership Remains a Challenge for JEA” by Mark Sneed

Winter 2003, Vol. 37, #2
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Cover photo by Steven Dearinger

  • Writing Headlines
    • “No Single Element In A Newspaper Has the Potential to Win More Readers (or to Alienate Them) Than the Headline” by Bill Neville
    • “Some Pointers for Headlines” by Tom clanin, Bill Neville, S. Griffen Singer
  • Satire” by Lori Oglesbee
  • Humor” by Bobby Hawthorne
  • Clichés” by Martin “Red” Gibson
  • Shooting Hoops: Get Tight. Get Sharp. And Capture Emotion” by Bradley Wilson
  • Design for Web Sophisticated, No Longer Haphazard ” by Jake Palenske
  • Significance: For Journalists in Training Being Insightful on Everday Challenge” by Randy Swikle

Spring 2004, Vol. 37, #3
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Cover photo by Steve K. Doi

Your Guide to Experiencing a National Journalism Education Association convention by Susan Massy, Gloria Olman and Karl Grubaugh

  • “Airlines: Be Alert, Courteous and Friendly”
  • “Film: Take Precautions to Protect Your Photos”
  • “Hotel: Participate Politely as an Educated Guest”
  • “Manners: Employ Proper Etiquette at Restaurants”
  • “Tipping: Reward People for Providing Helpful Service”
  • “Dress Right: Dress Neatly When Traveling”
  • “Feedback: Thank Your Presenters”
  • “Rules” and “More Rules”
  • “Letter Home: Communication with Parents is Critical”

“California Wildfires Provide Unique Opportunities for Coverage in Student Publications” by Bryan Hibbard

  • “‘Life Was a Waiting Game'” by Erin Strong

“Modern Yearbooks: Teaching an Old Editor New Tricks”

  • “Give Academics Dose of Vigor” by Ann Visser
  • “Topical Coverage Energizes Copy” by Laura Negri
  • “What Yearbooks Should Be” by Bobby Hawthorne
  • “What Yearbooks Could Be” by Casey Nichols

“How Press Associations Communicate” by Beth Dickey and Karen Flowers

Photoshop Good for Manipulating Type Too” by Bradley Wilson

Online Etiquette: 1922 Rules Build Case for Self Respect” by Candace Perkins Bowen

Summer 2004, Vol. 37, #4
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Cover photo by Chad Pilster

Disabilities and Journalism

  • “Temporarily Disabled: Workshop Participants Challenged to Increase Sensitivity” by Susan Roberts with introduction by Ciara Niki Major
  • “The Americans with Disabilities Act Prohibits Discrimination; Requires Reasonable Accommodation”
  • “Being Deaf Doesn’t Stop Writer” by Trudy Suggs
  • “Tips for Teaching Deaf Students” by Stephanie Martinell
  • “For Newspaper Editor, Being Hearing Impaired ‘Simply a Part of My Life” by Amelia Veneziano
  • “Teachers Help Others Overcome Challenges, Look for Strengths” by Janice Dean
  • “Deaf Student Contributes More than Stories” by Susan Fergueson
  • “Making Life Easier for Deaf Reporter” by Anna Henkel and Susan Fergueson
  • “Communication Biggest Challenge” by Anna Henkel
  • “Find a Niche: Writer Finds Journalism a Reason to Look Forward to School” by Amanda Johnson
  • “Challenges Will Come” by Jane Blystone
  • “Cora Opens Eyes” by Becky Kirk
  • “Behind the Lens” by Maxine Springer
  • “A Confession: My Biggest Disability Is My Insecurity Rather than my Cerebal Palsy” by Kelsey Vetter
  • “Teaching With Cancer” by Sue Farlow

“Six Nifty Ideas To Borrow from Professional Magazine Designers for Contemporary Publications” by Cheryl Pell

“One of InDesign’s Unappreciated Functions: Create a Table, More Rules” by Bradley Wilson

“Compassion: ‘I Could Teach Students to Care” by Neva Hand

CLICK HERE for the online feature accompanies the feature package in the Summer 2004 issue of JEA’s magazine, Communication: Journalism Education Today, vol. 37, no. 4.

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