C:JET Volume 36, 2002-2003

C:JET Volume 36, 2002-2003

Fall 2002, Vol. 36, #1
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Cover photo by Evan Semon

  • “Staff Retreats Lead to Success” by Vince DeMiero
  • “Banquets Serve as Reward” by Katie Myers
  • “Favorite Icebreakers” by Ronnie Campagna
  • “Journalism’s Finest 2 Hours and 16 Minutes” by Ken Ringle, the Washington Post
  • “Composition” by Bradley Wilson
  • “Let Freedom Run” by Carol Knopes and Judy Hines
  • “War of Words” by Candace Perkins Bowen
  • “Electronic Journalism More Fear?” by Carolyn Terry
  • “Profile: RTNDF Survey” by Carolyn Terry
  • “Recognition” by John Bowen, Michael Wildasin and Sam Chaltain
  • “Getting Something for Nothing: Genuine Fractals” by Bradley Wilson
  • “Facing Deadlines with Insight” commentary by Howard Spanogle
  • Do Your Homework; Know the People and the Rules; Double Check Everything ” by Ted Gest

CLICK HERE for the online feature accompanies the feature package in the fall 2002 issue of JEA’s magazine, Communication: Journalism Education Today, vol. 36, no. 1.

Winter 2002, Vol. 36, #2
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Cover photo by Max Mironov

  • “Technique” by Bradley Wilson
  • Let Freedom Run
  • Religious Freedom” by Peter Bobkowski
  • Religion Matters” by Charles Haynes
  • Diversity: It’s Not Just a Black-and-White Issue” by Don Bott
  • ‘Journeys’ More than Just Another Issue” by Don Bott
  • Time Out
  • Staff Must Be As Diverse As Community” commentary by Don Bott
  • We Remember: Yearbook Spreads, Coverage of Sept. 11
  • Create a Single Image from Micro Images: Photo Montage” by Bradley Wilson
  • Words, Words, Words” commentary by H.L. Hall

Cover photo by Matt Stamey

  • “Creating Photo Illustrations” by Bradley Wilson with photos by Jeanel Drake, Evan Semon, H. Rick Mach, Devin Miller & Jason Adams, Johnathan Lewis
  • Sports Writing” by Karl Gaubaugh
  • Shooting Baseball” with photos by Mike Shepherd, Criag Moore, Paul Guillory, Billy Suratt, Melody Glaze, Candace Price
  • Maestro: Work Together as a Team and Think Like the Reader” by Terry Nelson
  • Going to Get Married: Group Writing, Editing and Design for a Successful Union” by Pete LeBlanc
  • Grids = Structure” by Linda Barrington and Jacky Carter
  • Making the Introductors Journalism Class Tick” by Tim Dorway
  • Writing Lesson Plans
  • Layer Control, Quick Mask Facilitate Creating Illustrations” with art by Steve Ward
  • Network: It’s Who You Know” commentary by Ann Visser

Summer 2003, Vol. 36, #4
Click here to purchase the Summer 2003, Vol. 36, #4 issue of the JEA magazine

Cover photo by Bill Adams

  • “How to Create a Great Index” by Bradley Wilson
  • Summer Seminars” by Linda Barrington
  • Vibrant, Dynamic, Active: Working with School Administrators” by Tim Dorway
  • Ten Attributes of the Ideal Student Publications Adviser” by Chuck Dill

With other stories by Randy Swikle, Darrell Passwater, Marie Grey, Elizabeth Reed, Olaina Anderson, Carla Harris, Tom Gayda, Molly Clemons, Dave Brown, Natalie Shultz, Carol Richtsmeier, Jack Kennedy, Linda Evanchyk, Anna Hicks McFadden

  • Developing True Posterizations by Utilizing Photoshop” by Bill Adams
  • It’s Not All About Winning” commentary by Rod Howe
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