C:JET Volume 32, 1998-1999

C:JET Volume 32, 1998-1999

Fall 1998, Vol. 32, #1

  • Journalism Kids Still Doing Better” by Jack Dvorak
  • Newseum Open for Interaction” by Brad Luck
  • Football Gives Photographers Chance to Solve Tough Problems” by Bradley Wilson
  • Policies and Procedures: What’s In a Staff Manual, Like What’s in the Publication Itself, Depends on What’s Appropriate for the School” by Bernadette Tucker
  • Creating a Classy Drop Shadow to Give Art Depth” by Bradley Wilson

Winter 1998, Vol. 32, #2

  • Captions: Looking at a Picturew Without a Caption Is Like Watching Television with the Sound Turned Off” by Lori Oglesbee
  • Using Cartoons as Bait” by Chip Beck
  • Good Pictures Come from Good Ideas” by Kevin Necessary
  • Miami Schools Fight Battle as Administrators Try to Censor Student Publications” by Shirley Yaskin
  • Recipe for a Rally” by Brenda Feldman
  • Tabs/Indents Ensure Alignment” by Bradley Wilson

Spring 1999, Vol. 32, #3

  • “Writing for the Masses” by Martin Puntney
  • Grammar Fills Education Gap” by Candace Perkins Bowen
  • Debate Continues on Grammar Class” by O. Patricia, Cambridge
  • Creating a Portfolio
  • When God Created Publications Advisers” by Linda Puntney
  • Ethical Issues Challenge Staff” by Saylor Smith
  • Readers Challenge Editors to Add to News Coverage” by Jim Godbold
  • Policies on Death Coverage Depend on Circumstances
  • Coverage Felt Wrong: Guidelines Needed” by Saylor Smith
  • Preparing Photos for Reproduction” by Bradley Wilson

Summer 1999, Vol. 32, #4

  • “Looking for an Alternative” by Jack Kennedy
  • Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned Advising Publications” by Judy Babb
  • Grammar Gremlins Haunt Writers” by Kay Phillips
  • Technology Helps Students Learn Grammar” by Candace Perkins Bowen
  • Yearbook Title Pages: “It’s All in a Title”
  • Evaluating Photographs” by Jack Zibluk
  • Establishing a Link and Keeping it Intact” by Bradley Wilson

CLICK HERE for the online feature accompanies the feature package in the summer 1999 issue of JEA’s magazine, Communication: Journalism Education Today, vol. 32, no. 4.

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