C:JET Volume 31, 1997-1998

C:JET Volume 31, 1997-1998

Spring 1998, Vol. 31, #3

  • “Privacy Issues: What Journalists Can Do and What They Should Do” by Bruce Plopper
  • Stuck In the Middle” by Michele Dunaway
  • To Get the Reader To Buy, Buy, Buy, You Must Sell, Sell, Sell” by Rob Melton
  • Evaluation System for Publications Not Perfect” by Julie Dodd
  • Clipping Paths Separate Objects from Background” by Bradley Wilson

Summer 1998, Vol. 31, #4

  • “Shooting Sports Means Looking for Detail, Impact and Action” by Bob Bair
  • The Guy in the Cart: Media Becomes Story” by Darren Carroll
  • The Internet Battle Continues: Organizations Join Together to Support Free Speech” by H.L. Hall and Bradley Wilson
  • Type Was Originally Designed to be Read With Ease” by Laura Schaub
  • Avoid Graphic Nightmares” by Laura Schaub
  • Dissecting Individual Letters” by Brian Willson
  • Gallery: “The Byline
  • Journalism Programs Connect School, ‘Real World’” by Linda Evanchyk
  • Infographics: More than Just a Bunch of Stats” by Bradley Wilson

The summer of 1998 issue of C:JET featured a series of articles on typography, including a feature by Laura Schaub and instructional materials, including a collection of exercises. CLICK HERE

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