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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy explains what information we collect and how we use that information.

Information we collect

Contact information you give us. When you join JEA, or take part in our programming, we generally collect the minimum amount of information needed to keep in touch with you about those services. This includes information such as your name, email, phone number, address, and place of business.

Demographic information you give us. To enhance our services, we will sometimes ask you for more information about yourself. For example, if you are applying for an award, we will ask you for personal information to see if you are eligible. To better understand our membership, we will ask you for information about what you teach, or your race/ethnicity. However, none of this information is required for you to join JEA or visit our websites.

Information about your visits to our websites. We collect, and we partner with third parties that collect, information about your visits to our websites. This information helps us understand traffic patterns on our websites. While JEA does not actively tie personal browsing habits with individuals’ names, we do collect a lot of information that might be personally identifying, such as device information, location information, IP addresses and cookies. If you log in to view content provided by JEA, that browsing information also is collected.

Our partners use various technologies to collect and store information when you visit our websites, and this may include sending one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers to your device. For example, Multiview might place a cookie on your device to determine your interactions with advertising that is on our site. Google Analytics will use cookies to link information about your browsing with information about visits to multiple other sites. Constant Contact will track whether you have opened an email from us and, if so, what links you clicked. These are meant only as examples, and not an exhaustive list of third parties with which we partner. Services such as Lightbeam or Disconnect are terrific ways to see the third parties that you interact with whenever you visit JEA or any other websites.

Sensitive information you give us. If you become a JEA member, you are assigned a password to log in to members-only area. You may elect to change that password and, if so, we store that information, too. We recommend — as do most security experts — that you do not use the same password for multiple websites.

We use only trusted third parties to process credit card payments online. If you are paying for one of our services online, you will be redirected to a third party’s secure website, such as PayPal, Intuit or Square. Please do not ever email your credit card information to us. If you prefer to not enter credit card information on these websites, you can always call us at 785-532-5532 and we will take your credit card information over the phone. Any paper forms that we use to collect your credit card information are shredded once payment has been processed.

What we do with the information we collect

When you share your contact information with us, it is used extensively by JEA, its employees, officers, directors, committee chairs and volunteers to communicate with you about our services or promote issues related to scholastic journalism.

You may also elect to make your contact information available in an online, members-only directory. However, because JEA allows membership across broad entities related to the teaching profession, and because we can’t control what our members do with your individual contact information, you should consider inclusion in the directory to be public disclosure.

If you elect to take part in our members-only email distribution list, JEAHELP, your emails are also available to our members in a password-protected archive. Again, because we can’t control what our members do with emails you send to JEAHELP, you should consider your messages to be available to the public.

We do sell bulk postal mailing lists of our members to third parties such as vendors or scholars doing academic research. These lists will include only your name, school, address, school level (such as high school, middle school, college) and media advised (such as newspaper, yearbook, broadcast, website). We will never sell your email address or phone number.

Because JEA members are automatically a member of our assembly in the National Council of Teachers of English, we do provide NCTE the roster of our membership on an annual basis, and this includes your contact information, including your phone number and email address.

Similarly, because JEA partners with the National Scholastic Press Association for conventions, we do provide NSPA a roster of our membership on a semiannual basis for marketing purposes, and this includes your postal (mailing) contact information. We do not send your phone number or email address to NSPA.

Information about your browsing information on JEA websites is used to guide our decision-making about the content we make available online. However, because we partially rely on third parties, such as Google, to collect this information for us, they also have access to your browsing information and might use it for commercial purposes including the delivery of targeted advertising.

While we do not store credit card information on any of our customers, we do maintain financial records of all of our vendors and customers, including billing contact information, copies of invoices and receipts, and payment identifiers such as transaction IDs, check numbers and the final four numbers of credit card numbers. We do not share financial records with any third parties, except for accountants we engage for our audit and collection agencies helping fulfill delinquent accounts.

It may be necessary by requests from governmental authorities for JEA to disclose your personal information, and sometimes the law will preclude us from making those requests known. Such requests will always be reviewed by our legal counsel and will always require a search warrant, subpoena or court order. As of Jan. 1, 2011, JEA has not been compelled to respond to any such requests from governmental authorities.

The future of our privacy policy

Technology, and the services we provide, are constantly changing, so we might update this privacy policy in the future without notice. However, we will always include the latest revision date at the bottom of this page.

We also value your feedback and questions. Please email us anytime at staff@jea.org to provide your input, concerns or queries about our privacy policy.

— Revised March 17, 2015

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