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Write-off Contests: Preparing and submitting broadcast/video entries

Please read these instructions on how to prepare videos for online submission carefully.

Step 1. Please make sure you read the overall rules carefully.

Step 2. Make sure you register yourself or your student (s) in the proper category at writeoffs.jea.org.

Contestants submitting entries for Short Documentary that contain only sound — please see the section at the bottom of this page, “Submitting Audio-Only Work.”

Step 3. Create a free YouTube, Vimeo or SchoolTube account

The account does not need to be an official school account, but it does need to be public. If you are already a member of any of these video services, skip to step 4.

Step 4. Upload Your video

  • Ensure that the video meets the specifications of the particular contest you are entering, as well as guidelines of the video service you are using.
  • Give your video file a filename that includes the convention, the contest, your school number, and the contestant’s name. (To find your school number, advisers and students can log in to their account at writeoffs.jea.org and click on View Information.)  For example:
  • Judges will not look at video titles, descriptions or tags, so you can put whatever you would like in these fields.
  • Please ensure that the video is listed as public.

Step 5. Submit Your entry form

  • Copy the URL to the video that has been uploaded. (Examples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ7ckty_SHI or http://vimeo.com/50051915 or https://www.schooltube.com/video/fff4b041383749a1b5c1/)
  • Download and fill out this PDF form with the copied link, as well as information about your school and the contest you are entering.

    Make sure you download the form to your computer’s file system, then open it in Adobe Reader or Acrobat to fill it out.  DO NOT attempt to fill out the form in your web browser before saving it – your information may not be saved.

  • Upload the completed PDF to the appropriate contest under the student’s name at writeoffs.jea.org.  For detailed instructions to submit online contest entries (including this entry form), visit Submitting Online Entries.

Submitting Audio-Only Work

Video sharing sites are not designed to accept audio-only files. (e.g. mp3, WAV, etc.) To submit audio-only work for contest 41 (Short Documentary) students must convert the audio files into video files. This can be done in any video editing software such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. If you need more instruction on accomplishing this, see a similar tutorial that was created for uploading audio files to YouTube.


  • Must be uploaded as a video file:
    • Audio will be the students’ work
    • Do not add titles or lettering of any kind to the video.
    • Do not alter the original audio.

Questions about the national Write-offs process can be addressed to the the JEA broadcast contest administrator at kpdoran@gmail.com. <!–Questions about the JEA Junior High / Middle School National Media Contest can be addressed to Laura Zhu at LauraMZhu@gmail.com.–>


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