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JOY Candidate Toolbox

When developing a plan of action for how to build a portfolio, eligible candidates can use this page to answer questions they may have. With going entirely digital with portfolios, naturally there are concerns.

Some points to consider:

  • Sensitive information does not need to be on your site. When applying for JOY, eligible candidates will complete an online application that will ask to upload your résumé, letters of recommendation and transcript as a private transaction between the candidate and JEA.

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  • The rubric for judging has been aligned with the 11 core areas used in the Curriculum Initiative. Candidates may not know what this is but their advisers will. The goal is not to try and find something for all 11 areas, but rather load what you have and use these core areas as a way to organize within your portfolio.

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  • What kind of website should one choose to host their online portfolio? The possibilities are endless. From exporting PDFs and putting them online on a site like Issuu or LiveBinder, to using a blog site like Blogger or WordPress. The bottom line is having a URL address where your online portfolio is showcased. Here are some suggestions of sites to consider.

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  • NOTE: Please do not use sharing sites where JEA will be required to download the portfolio (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox). The portfolio should live online to be accessed with the URL address shared on the online application.
  • For those not sure how to setup a site, or for using one more interactive, this site has a guide on how to build a WordPress site for a JOY portfolio.
  • DISCLAIMER: Candidates are not expected to use WordPress for this contest. They are welcome to use whatever hosting site works for them.
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