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Application Materials & Categories


This section should not exceed 10 single pages or 5 front/back.

  1. PDF of JEA JOY Application.
  2. Official high school transcript or a counselor’s statement including journalism classes taken, grades and current GPA. Student should be a high school senior and should have an overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Action photo or video of applicant involved in some aspect of student media
  4. Three letters of recommendation from those who know the applicant well and understand the impact of the journalistic experience on the student’s life [no letter should exceed two pages in length]. Letters of recommendation should be unfolded for easy reference by the judging committee.
  5. Personal resumé
  6. Self-analytical essay – Students should write with passion and make an impact on the judges because this essay functions as the applicants one-on-one interview with the judges. Essay should not exceed two pages in length.


This section should not exceed 40 single pages or 20 front/back. Samples should be organized by the categories.

  • NEWSPAPER – news, editorials columns, features, captions, headline packages
  • YEARBOOK – features, sidebars, captions, headline packages
  • BROADCAST – scripts, commentaries, PSAs

Examples from any print/online media including newspaper, yearbook, literary magazine, website, news magazine; and logos, graphics, virtual studio from broadcast

  • PRINT – samples of published work or work to be published this school year
  • VIDEO – news, feature packages, PSAs, anchor broadcasts, videography/filming, producer, etc.

Use this category to emphasize applicant’s special skills in the following areas:

  • Broadcast – PSA storyboards, commentary
  • Photoshop, Illustrator samples
  • Videography – documentaries, commercials
  • Product Marketing Tools – QR codes, sales posters, personal/business ad designs
  • Community Involvement – include internships, volunteer work, work with local media

Each category is scored in each of the following areas -

  • QUALITY : Does the material presented in the portfolio demonstrate superior quality of work in the category over the extended period of time spent in journlalism?
  • SCOPE: Does the material presented in the portfolio demonstrate a wide range of quality work in the category over the extended period of time spent in journalism?
  • IMPACT: Does the material presented in the portfolio demonstrate the impact of this student’s journalistic work in the category over the period of time in journalism?

Each category is scored based on the following -

  • 4 = exemplary
  • 3 = excellent
  • 2 = fair
  • 1 = adequate