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Certified Journalism Educator

The Journalism Education Association wants its CJE to be an effective way for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the basics in journalism and media advising. We want you to be able to speak to multiple aspects of this career, including journalistic writing and editing, graphics and design, legal and ethical considerations as an educator in a school journalism setting. Your knowledge of the teaching/advising aspects of scholastic journalism is the emphasis of this designation.

There are three Options to apply for Certified Journalism Educator.

Option A is for JEA members with 18+ hours of journalism credits, which include specific courses in law/ethics, writing/reporting and journalism teaching/advising methods.

Option B is for JEA members without all the credentials for Option A but who have taught/advised journalism for a minimum of three years. They will take the CJE exam.

Option C is for JEA members associated with commercial/business or professional enterprises with a scholastic journalism connection for a minimum of three years. They will take the CJE exam.

JEA hopes this exam allows the Certification Commission to assess fairly and consistently the abilities of JEA members who seek CJE status under Options B and C.

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