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Satterthwaite wins runoff election for Director at Large (West)


The election results are in. A good turnout of 666 voters resulted in Julia Satterthwaite being elected Director at Large (West).

Tom Kaup received 332 votes and Satterthwaite received 334 votes.




Thanks to all who voted and a special thank you to those who ran for office. The complete board is:

Sarah Nichols, MJE

Vice President
Val Kibler, CJE

Scholastic Press Rights Committee
Lori Keekley, MJE

Educational Initiatives
Megan Fromm, CJE

Directors at Large (East)
Joe Humphrey, MJE

Directors at Large (Central)
Tom Gayda, MJE

Directors at Large (West)
Julia Satterthwaite, CJE

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