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Online submission materials for 2016 Indianapolis Write-offs available

Online submission materials are made available for use in preparing entries for selected JEA Write-offs contests.  Each zip file contains contest instructions and all materials needed to complete your entry.  For full contest information, go to the main JEA Write-offs page.

09: Newspaper Layout

09_Newspaper_Layout.zip (53.8MB)

10: Newsmagazine Layout

10_Newsmagazine_Layout.zip (53.8MB)

16: Yearbook Layout Theme

16_YBK_Layout_Theme.zip (38.1MB)

17: Yearbook Layout Inside Pages

17_YBK_Layout_Inside_Pages.zip (76.2MB)

18: Yearbook Layout Cover Endsheets

18_YBK_Cover_Endsheets.zip (38.1MB)

19: Literary Magazine Layout

19_LitMag_Design.zip (21.0MB)

23: Graphic Design Logo

23_Graphic_Design_Logo.zip (16.1MB)

24: Graphic Design Infographic

24_Graphic_Design_Infographics.zip (7.0MB)

25: Graphic Design Advertising

25_Graphic_Design_Advertising.zip (16.1MB)

26: Graphic Design Photo Illustration

26_Graphic_Design_PhotoIllus.zip (6.5MB)

42: Video Package Editing (Download all)

Contest 42 Instructions

Part 1 – (4.8 GB)

Part 2 – (2.01 GB)


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