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Minutes from Nov. 18, 2011, general membership meeting

Unofficial minutes from the Nov. 18, 2011, general membership meeting in Minneapolis.

Roll Call

Present: Mark Newton, president; Sarah Nichols, vice president; Lori Oglesbee-Petter, secretary; Jack Kennedy, past president; Sandra Coyer, Region 1 director; Carrie Faust, Region 2 director; Gary Lindsay, Region 3 director; Wayna Polk, Region 4 director; Brenda Gorsuch, Region 5 director; Rod Satterthwaite, Region 6 director; Jane Blystone, Region 7 director; Kim Green, certification commission chair; Norma Kneese, multicultural commission chair; John Bowen, scholastic press rights commission chair; Tom Gayda, development and curriculum commission chair; Anita Marie Wertz, junior high/middle school commission chair; Kelly Furnas, executive director; Bradley Wilson, Communication: Journalism Education Today editor; Candace Bowen, JEA Listserv; Julie Dodd, scholastic press association directors; Connie Fulkerson, awards coordinator; Aaron Manfull, digital media committee; Linda Barrington, mentor program; Nancy Smith, Write-Off co-chair; Jill Chittum, National PLC chair; Steve O’Donoghue, Outreach Academy; Stan Zoller, Outreach Academy.

Absent: Brian Wilson, Linda Shockley, Nancy Smith, Patricia Turley, Gary Lindsay.

Approval of the Minutes: Bradley Wilson. Motion passes.


  1. Summary of board action – Lori Oglesbee
  2. Convention – Kelly Furnas
  3. Financial reports – Kelly Furnas
  4. Items of concern
    1. j membership encouraged – Mark Newton
    2. Mentoring – Linda Barrington and Julie Dodd
    3. Scholastic Press Association Directors meeting – Julie Dodd
    4. Scholastic Press Rights Commission – John Bowen
    5. Come to Seattle – Steve Matson
    6. Come to San Antonio – Rhonda Moore
    7. National Journalism PLC – Jill Chittum
    8. Digital Media – Aaron Manfull
    9. Recognition of Aaron Manfull as Dow Jones National Journalism Teacher of the Year
    10. NSPA/JEA initiative to make scholastic journalism a viable course in the changing educational landscape – Mark Newton
    11. New logo – Sarah Nichols
    12. J – Lori Oglesbee

Motion to Adjourn: Jane Blystone. Motion passes

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